F1 2020 Deals: Formula 1 game on sale, lowest prices!

F1 2020 is still the go to Formula One game for all consoles.

With unrivalled game mechanics, incredibly in-depth car tuning and more, it's easy to see why.

In the lead up to Christmas, many people will be hoping to get their hands on the game.

Thankfully, the internet has you covered with some awesome deals!


Amazon is the home of good deals at the moment, and Formula one games are no exception.

f1 2020 red bull
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CLOSE CALL: The driving is tighter than ever with improved AI

This time F1 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One is reduced to just £28 on the site, a huge saving over the RRP of £39.99.

Not only that, but this is for the Seventy Edition, which includes a host of awesome in-game cosmetics.

These include new car liveries, helmets and even overalls to adorn you in-game racer!

You can get the game on Amazon for £28 here!

It should be noted that this is for those wishing to buy the game for Xbox One or PS4.

F1 2020 G2A

For PC players, sales for F1 games are notoriously hard to find.

VISUALS: Improved graphics make the game stunning
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VISUALS: Improved graphics make the game stunning

Thankfully, G2A has us covered, with a discounted price for the Seventy Edition and Standard Edition.

The Standard Edition is available here for just under £19 for Steam, an absolute steal!

Similarly, the Seventy Edition can be purchased for just under £35, a saving of over £10 from the game's price on Steam.

F1 2020 Steam

The game is currently still full price on Steam.

F1 2020 practice
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MULTIPLAYER: Race online against any and everyone!

However, today the Steam Autumn sale will likely begin, bringing some exciting discounts.

For those looking to grab the game from Steam, we highly recommend waiting for the sale to start!

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