F1 2020 Game: F2 update lands, Patch Notes, Update 1.14 & more

The F1 season may nearly be over, but the F1 2020 game is far from done.

After a lot of waiting and questions, the F2 2020 update is finally here, along with update 1.14. Let's see what Codemasters has for us.

F2 update

The full Formula 2 2020 grid along with car updates has landed in the game. Mick Schumacher's title-winning Prema is now in the game, as is the UNI Virtuosi of his rival Callum Ilott and the Carlin of Yuki Tsunoda.

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ULTRA-COMPETITIVE: This spec series is a challenge to race in

This should also add some drivers to the Driver Market.

Update 1.14 patch notes

The F2 update comes in as part of the 1.14 update. Let's look at what else is changing.

The Xbox One X audio bug, where audio would cut out when near other cars, has been fixed.

Weather forcasts for qualifying are now correct.

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SPEC SERIES: There is little difference between cars, making it all about the driver!

Tyre wear will now be correctly tracked when leaving/joining a session.

Tyre icons are now aligned on the spectator HUD regardless of the number of laps completed.

It has also corrected the issue where French and Spanish audio would not be available for specific regions.

The patch is out now on PC, Xbox, and PS4. It will land soon on Google Stadia.

F1 Esports

The final of a thrilling F1 Esports season approaches.

We sat down with title-contender Marcel Kiefer to discuss his chances, his focus, and his thoughts on the tracks the 20 drivers will be competing on.

Check out the full interview here.

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