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F1 2020 Japan Grand Prix setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

The classic Suzuka circuit is an excellent track in F1 2020, and loved by Forumla One fans worldwide.

The track also has an incredible flow, with each corner leading nicely into the next.

Let's take a look at the setup you should be using to be top of the podium every time!


The balance of the car is essential at Suzuka, as the track is full of high speed corners.

Japan Aero 1
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We run an aero setup of 4 at the front and 6 at the rear.

By all means, increase the rear to 7 if you struggle with the back end, but 4 - 6 works well for us.


To make sure you can accelerate well out of the hairpins, we've gone with an on-throttle diff of 50%.

Japan Trans
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This is coupled with an off-throttle diff of 65%, to help those turn-ins on corner entry.

This should also be the best trade-off between stability and understeer throughout the lap.

Suspension Geometry

This is a pretty standard geometry setup designed to maximise straight-line speed and cornering.

Japan Sus Geo
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for the camber we've gone -2.70 on the front and -1.10 on the rear.

We've paired this with a toe setup of 0.07 on the front and 0.23 on the rears.


A stiffer than normal car is essential. For this, we run a front suspension of 3 and a rear suspension of 6.

Japan Sus
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The anti-roll bars will help with the rigidity of your car when cornering, so set these at 7 and 10.

Finally, we don't have to be too aggressive on the kerbs here, so we've gone for a ride height of 3 at the front and 4 at the rear.


For the brakes, you should be using a brake pressure of 92% to help slow the car down at the end of the straights.

Japan Brakes
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For bias, we went with a figure of 52%. This helps avoid any potential lockups that you may face.


Run lower pressures to keep temps as low as possible and maximise the tyre life.

Japan Tyres
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We went with 21.8psi on the front right and 21.4psi on the front left.

For the rears, we went with 19.5psi.

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