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F1 2020: Podium Pass Series 3 now live! Tiers, rewards, emotes, liveries & more

The latest series for F1 2020's Podium Pass is here!

Just in time for the latest F1 Esports event, there are lots of new liveries and rewards for you to earn.

Let's take a look at Podium Pass Series 3.

VIP cost

As usual, there is a free Podium Pass and a VIP one.

The VIP Podium Pass will have more rewards for you to earn, but it will cost you.

F1 2020 Podium Pass
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FRESH THREADS: There are plenty of new outfits and skins in Series 3

To unlock VIP it will cost 9,000 PitCoin. That's £7.07 of real money, but if you unlock every tier of the Podium Pass you do earn enough PitCoin for the next one, so it's worth doing if you'll be playing regularly!

30 tiers of rewards

As usual, there are plenty of tiers to unlock, and each one comes with fresh rewards.

Codemasters has shown their creativity with some amazing emotes, including a Usain Bolt style one!

f1 2020 podium pass emotes
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GOLDEN FINISH: Celebrate in style

There are also a lot of new liveries, gloves, helmets, and racesuits for your driver to use.

f1 2020 podium pass livery
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LOOK FAST, RACE FAST: This livery will be a My Team favourite

Store deals

As ever, there are some great items in the store with the new Series.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Series 3 1
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STORE OPTIONS: If you've got some spare PitCoin there are some deals to be had here too

If you've got the PitCoin, you can grab some of these great iteams to really show off on multiplayer!

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