F1 2020 Russian Grand Prix Wet Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Russia certainly isn't everyone's favourite track, its consistent 90 degree corners doing no help there.

However, in the rain, the circuit can finally liven up slightly. The close nature of the circuit does require a specific setup however.

So, let's take a look at what setup you should be using in Russia in the wet to get some good race results!


The setup for rain at the Russian Grand Prix relies heavily on a sticky rear end.

Russia Wet Aero
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As such, we've gone with an aero setup of 5 on the front wing and 9 on the rear wing.

This should keep the rear end in check in the low-grip conditions on those tight corners.


For transmission, we've tailored our setup slightly to deal with the multitude of tight corners.

Russia Wet Trans
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We've gone with the standard on-throttle differential of 50% and a slightly higher off-throttle diff of 60%.

This should help you rotate the car in at corner entry, and help shave some precious tenths off of your lap time!

Suspension Geometry

For suspension geometry we've gone with a pretty normal setup to keep that speed in a straightline and corner speed.

Russia Wet Sus Geo
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As such, we have camber values of -2.60 degrees on the front and -1.10 degrees on the rear.

With the toe, we've gone 0.06 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


As per usual, we have our typical setup of softer and higher to cope with the wet conditions.

Russia Wet Sus
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So, we have our front suspension at 1 and rear suspension of 3 for softness. The anti-roll bars are 3 on the front and 6 on the rear.

Finally, the ride height is at 8 on the front and 9 on the rear.


For our brake setup, we have to balance braking performance in the wet with avoiding any lockups.

Russia Wet Brakes
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As such, we've got our brake pressure set at 92%, and a balanced front brake bias of 50%.


We've got our tyre pressures lower than standard to ensure grip in these low-grip conditions.

Russia Wet Tyres
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Our front tyres are at 22.6psi each, and the rears are set to 19.9psi on the left and right.

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