F1 2021 Abu Dhabi wet setup: Yas Marina setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

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Abu Dhabi isn't really known for its wet races, largely owing to its location in the world!

However, F1 2021 seems to have a habit of throwing us some curveballs at the moment, and one of those is rain at the Yas Marina circuit.


Here's a wet setup you can use to ensure pace in the wet at the often arid track!


The aero setup can be slightly more relaxed here in Abu Dhabi due to the long straights. We don't want to sacrifice too much of that top-end speed!

Abu Wet Aero

Set your front wing to 11 and your rear wing to 9.


To help with traction and reduce tyre wear as much as possible, we've gone with a less aggressive transmission setup.

Abu Wet Trans

Put your on-throttle diff at 80% and your off-throttle diff at 55%.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry is also pretty normal for a wet setup in this game. Set your front camber to -2.50 and your rear camber to -2.00.

Abu Wet Sus Geo

Next, put your front toe on 0.08 and your rear toe on 0.20.


For the suspension setup we've gone as balanced as we can. We don't want to lose much speed on that long back straight. Set your front suspension at 1 and your rear suspension at 4.

Abu Wet Sus

For the anti-roll bar we've got 2 on the front and 4 on the rear. Finally, our front ride height is 4, and our rear ride height at 8.


The main issue with the brake setup in the wet is the propensity for lockups.

Abu Wet Brakes

We've left our brake pressure at 100%, to ensure we're stopping in time at the end of those straights, and to combat those lockups we've got brake bias on 55%.


The pressures have been made with speed in mind, so if you find yourself struggling with tyre wear, you can drop each of them a notch.

Abu Wet Tyres

The front tyre pressures are at 22.2psi and the rear tyre pressure is at 22.3psi.