F1 2021 Driver Ratings Update: Codemasters hammers a title contender

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A new update for F1 2021 has bought big changes to the Driver Ratings within the game.

These can be implemented in your current save if you want to keep up with the changes, so there is no need to start a new My Team or Career Mode!

But, do you want to use these new ratings? Maybe not...


Title challenger gets downgrade

The logic behind the ratings changes is often hard to understand. Max Verstappen once again leads the Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship, but his rating has taken a hit.

His Pace has dropped by one point, and while his Experience has bumped up one too, his overall has dropped to a 92, two points behind Lewis Hamilton.

f12021 drivercard hamilton verstapen.jpg.adapt .crop16x9.1455w
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TITANIC BATTLE: Max & Lewis are locked in a wild fight for the championship

Max has had four top-2 finishes in the last five races, and a pair of second-place finishes since the last update. While he was a little lucky with the weather in Russia there is no reason to feel that his pace has dropped off even slightly.

Gasly punished again


Pierre Gasly was harshly hit with a 5-second penalty and one point on his lisence in Turkey for being stuck in the middle at turn 1 and tagging Fernando Alonso. Even the Spaniard thought Gasly shouldn't have been penalised, but Codemasters has compounded that stewards decision with a downgrade for the Frenchman in F1 2021.

f12021 drivercard highres gasly october.jpg.adapt .1920w
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WHAT WAS HE MEANT TO DO: Gasly's ratings hit is the biggest in this update

Gasly has received a 12-point hit to his Awareness which seems excessive. That has dropped his Overall by 3 points.

Alonso, who had a far more flagrant penalty when he punted Mick Schumacher in the same race, has had his Awareness dropped by nine, and even with a Racecraft drop of three his rating has only decreased by two, to 89.

Full Driver Ratings

Driver Experience Racecraft Awareness Pace Overall
Lewis Hamilton9394859894
Max Verstappen7194879792
Valtteri Bottas7791929291
Pierre Gasly6193879189
Fernando Alonso9990868989
Lando Norris6293859289
Daniel Ricciardo8295928689
Sebastian Vettel9292878889
Carlos Sainz7191958688
Charles Leclerc6491889088
Kimi Raikkonen9990818687
Sergio Perez8289818786
Esteban Ocon6294857983
Lance Stroll6491798383
George Russell6276858582
Antonio Giovinazzi5682798380
Mick Schumacher5265868579
Yuki Tsunoda5181787777
Nicholas Latifi5873797173
Nikita Mazepin5265786567

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