F1 2021 Game: How to get the right AI level every time

One of the best features in F1 2021 is it's endlessly tweakable AI. While some games have a pace and aggression slider, most will just have a classic easy/medium/hard options for their AI.

F1's sliding scale from 0-110 allows players to fine-tune their opponents, giving them a challenging and engaging race every time. But it also means that finding the right level to suit your own level of pace is difficult. This is especially true because we all have tracks we are fast at, and ones we struggle on.

Well now there is a tool to help you get the AI difficulty right EVERY TIME.

Setting the AI right every time

The first thing to do is pull up Time Trial mode and go to the location of your next My Team or Career Mode race. Then you want to use the amazing AI calculator that you can find here.

Here you can input your best time and it will give you an AI score for the particular track.

There are a few important caveats here though.

f1 ai calculator
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PERFECT: The ideal AI for us in Spain is 95, what about you?

While this is taking your absolutely fastest (legal) lap and giving you an AI to fight against, that isn't necessarily your actual performance.

We've all put in one stellar lap on Time Trial that we can never get close to again. It's important to use a lap time you can recreate most of the time rather than one blinder of a qualifying lap.

It's also worth remembering that Time Trial is always an ideal setting where you don't have to worry about fuel load, tyre wear, or ERS usage. If you haven't done much practice on medium tyres then maybe lower the given AI a touch for those longer, trickier stints in a race.

How to change AI difficulty in Career & My Team

In order to change the difficulty of your save once you’ve started it you need to be on the team HQ screen.

F1 2021 career mode HQ
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HOME SWEET HOME: This is where you can dive into the settings

You’ll need to then hit the menu button to get all the settings options up again. If you have progressed into a race weekend it’s too late!

While not ideal, you can always go and setup a one-time Grand Prix at the track you are coming up to in your career mode to get a judge of how fast you are against the AI there. Every driver has tracks they are strong and weak on, so shifting your AI every race is not a bad idea.

Once you hit the menu button you’ll get a screen that looks like this:

F1 2021 Career Mode Menu
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CHOICES: Expert style gives you a huge range of options for your save

From there, Simulation Settings is once again available. Select that and you’ll get the AI slider again.

Now you are free to move it up (or down) to give you the right level of competition for your upcoming race.

F1 2021 AI slider
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PICK YOUR POISON: Do you want a comfortable race or the ultimate challenge?
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