F1 2021 Game: Williams unveil completely new look for this year

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F1 fans have been treated to far more livery changes than usual this year, and the latest one is perhaps the most surprising.

Williams, in their first full season under new owners, have unveiled a stunningly different livery from the one fans have grown acustomed to.

So let's take a look at it!

F1 2021 Williams

"The team’s new look captures the spirit of the team’s past, the present transformation and its drive to future ambitions as it heads into its first full season of ownership under Dorilton Capital," the team said in a statement on Friday.

It's certainly a new look!

Williams f1 2021
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The new livery retains some of the old Williams white & blue, but it's also bolder and more striking than we are used to from a Williams car.

It certainly makes a statement about a new future under new leadership, but also retains some feeling of the old familiar, especially with a big W on the side!

Driver suits

We haven't had a look at the driver race suits yet, but we can expect them to mirror the colour scheme of the FW43B.

Williams f1 2021 overhead
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BLUE: WIlliams and Alpine have gone for similar colours this year

The hope for fans is that a new look and new owners will see the team move towards the front, or at least the middle, of the grid once again. However given the technical restrictions on updates this winter it is unlikely.

F1 2021 release date

Codemasters has targeted a late June/early July release date for the game in recent years. There is nothing to make us think they will get F1 2021 out earlier this time around.

Couple the previous release dates with implications caused by COVID-19, and we certainly don’t see F1 2021 being available for audiences earlier.

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