F1 2021 Hungary Wet Setup: Hungaroring Setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

The Hungaroring has produced some brilliant races in its history, and we love driving on the track in F1 2021.

However, as with a couple of other tracks in the calendar, there is often rain at the circuit, and that leaves us with some pretty wet races.

So, we've got the wet setup you should be using when you're putting the lap in at the Hungaroring!


Naturally, as with any wet setup, we've got to make sure that the aero is tailored to guaranteeing the grip from the rear end (and the front for that matter).

Hungary Wet Aero
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As such, we've gone with maxed-out wings to ensure grip through the more technical portions of the circuit that are often done at relatively high speeds.

The front and rear wings are both on 11!


To ensure you can put the power down smoothly and still maintain an element of pace despite the lower traction, we've gone for a different transmission setup.

Hungary Wet Trans
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We've got the on-throttle diff at 80% and the off-throttle at 57%. This should help you rotate the car through those slower, less throttle sections.

Suspension Geometry

We've ensured as much cornering ability as possible with our geometry setup. This starts out with the front camber at -2.50 and the rear at -2.00.

Hungary Wet Sus Geo
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Hopefully, that should guarantee as much straight-line speed as possible. For the front toe we've got 0.20, and for the rear, we've got 0.08.


F1 2021's physics and game engine allow us to run a lower car than F1 2020. As such, we can scrape back some pace from the suspension setup.

Hungary Wet Sus
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Put your front suspension at 6 and the rear on 2, coupled with anti-roll bar of 3 on the front and 7 on the rear.

Finally, the front ride height is on 3 whilst the rear is slightly higher, left on 8.


Brake pressure is also more forgiving in F1 2021, so we've left the brake pressure high at 100%.

Hungary Wet Brakes
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This is then paired with a brake bias of 56%, to ensure a relatively even stopping experience.


The tyre pressure setup we've gone with is an unusual one. The far lower pressures on the front should be helping with the lower grip in the corners. The pressure on the front is 21.0psi.

Hungary Wet Tyres
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On the rear, we've got higher pressures. The rear tyre pressure is on 23.5psi.

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