F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 2 OUT NOW: New liveries revealed, VIP rewards, end date & more

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The Formula 1 season is becoming a heated affair both at the top and the midfield as teams are closer than ever. That titanic struggle just hit F1 2021 with a Driver Ratings update.

But the joy in the F1 2021 game is the ability to create our own stories and leave our own mark on the sport with My Team. To do that, we need customisation options. Podium Pass Series 2 will bring that!

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 2 release date

Series 1 is done, and now Series 2 is here.

A whole host of new customisation items are there to be unlocked for players.

f1 2021 podium pass series 2
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Series 2 will run for eight weeks, with new challenges coming into the game to give you some extra XP and give you the chance to explore different parts of the game.

What's new?

As ever, Podium Pass brings new liveries, helmets, suits, and gloves to the game. There will also be new victory radio calls and personalised halos this year.

f1 2021 helmet
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f1 2021 podium pass series 2 livery
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There are some beautiful designs in Series 2's unlockable liveries. This Neon Rainbow livery is part of the VIP Podium Pass, which will once again set you back 9,000 PitCoins. However, every VIP pass will earn you 9,000 PitCoins if you complete it.

f1 2021 streamline
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f1 2021 podium pass series 2 new livery
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