F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 3 OUT NOW: All rewards, free, VIP, unique items & more!

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The new series of Podium Pass in F1 2021, Series 3, has started!

With it comes a whole host of cool unlockables and unique items for players to earn. This time out there are even some driver-designed items to unlock!

So, let's take a look at what Series 3 contains!

Series 3 end date

Before we get started, its good to know how long you have to unlock everything!

Series 3 is set to wrap up on 12 January, 2022. That gives you 8 weeks from writing to blast your way through all 30 levels.

As ever there is a free and a VIP tier for the Podium Pass. The VIP tier will cost you 9,000 PitCoins, but you will make that back if you complete the whole Series.

Series 3 free content

There are 13 items you can unlock in the free tier of the Podium Pass this season. They include 2 liveries, 3 race suits, 2 gloves, 2 helmets, 1 decal, 1 badge, 1 personal sticker, 1 victory radio call, and 2,500 PitCoins.

However, there is something special about this series.

Both Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell have designed some of the items!

daniel ricciardo livery 1
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SEND IT: You'll need to hit level 30 to get this Ricciardo livery

The two drivers have created a livery, suit, helmet, and gloves each which feature in the free tier!

VIP tier rewards

As you would expect, with the VIP tier there is a reward for each level.


Overall you get 5 liveries, 5 race suits, 4 gloves, 2 victory radio calls, 2 poses, 2 decals, 2 helmets, 2 badges, 2 personal stickers, an emote, and 7,500 PitCoins for completing all 30 levels of the Podium Pass.

podium pass emote
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TEXAS FOREVER: Take the cowboy vibe with you to every race

One of the best ways to rack up the XP needed to unlock levels is to take on the Podium Pass challenges that Codemasters throw out.

There are Daily and Weekly challenges, as well as 24 Series ones that can give you huge chunks of XP.

podium pass challenges
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If you want to unlock all those tiers then these challenges are the fastest way to do it!

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