F1 2021 Settings: Marcel Kiefer's settings, assists, camera settings, & more!

We're now well into putting laps down on F1 2021, and we're still absolutely loving our time on the game.

For those of you looking to take your racing experience to the next level, or trying to find that next thing to give you an edge, your settings may be a good place to start.

So, let's take a look now at Marcel Kiefer's F1 2021 settings, much like we did with Jarno Opmeer!


One of the most common places to start with settings is the assists. This is where novice players can really start to change their game.


If you’re really looking to compete and go for some fast laps, you’ll need to be driving with assists off.

This will give you complete control over the car and should allow you to perfect your driving style and squeeze every tenth out when needed. However, don't rush into doing this, as consistency and practice are still more important than having your TC off but spinning every other lap!


Marcel's camera settings are rather different to Jarno's, but such is the nature of something that is very much down to personal taste! If you don't like them, have a fiddle around until you settle on a view that works for you.

The Field of View is on -7 with the offset left at 0 apart from Horizontal, which is on -5. The camera angle is set to -15 with the near clip plane on 20 and the mirror angle on -20.

Finally, both camera shake and movement are turned off!

Force Feedback

Marcel uses the Fanatec Podium DD1 wheel with CSL Elite pedals and load cell kit, so a different setup to Jarno's current rig.

f1 2021 max red bull
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The vibration and force feedback are at 70 with on track effects at 45, rumble strip effects at 65. Off track effects are at 19.

The wheel damper is set to 3 and understeer enhance is turned on.


Marcel uses a very low graphics preset to ensure he is getting the most frames possible when racing.

He also has his motion blur turned on to max, at 20, which is very unlike the rest of the grid! Give it a go if you want to see what racing is like with it turned on.

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