F1 24 Spain Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)

F1 24 Spain Setup

F1 24 Spain Setup

The tenth round of the 2024 Fromula 1 season sees the paddock arrive in Barcelona. Spain provides a unique and tough challenge in F1 24, with dramatic elevation changes and tricky turns.

The AI have historically been exceptionally quick around the Spanish Grand Prix's Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This will require a good F1 24 Spain setup to keep up, updated for the new handling patch.

F1 24 Spain setup

The Spanish Grand Prix is one of the oldest races on the F1 calendar, with it dating back to the 1960s. The Spanish GP has been held at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya since the venue was opened in 1991.

Catalunya has gone through a few redesigns over the years and has ironically gone full circle, with today's layout almost matching the original one from the 90s now the final chicane has been removed.

F1 24 Spain Setup
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The circuit has a complex relationship with fans, as overtaking has always been difficult in Spain. In addition to that, this is also the former site of F1 pre-season testing, with some thinking this then ruined the race.

F1 24's handling was criticized by F1 Esports drivers and seasoned content creators upon release. The game has since been patched, with this setup best suited to the game post-patch.

Check out the full F1 24 Spain setup at the bottom of this article, or read the setup summary below:


  • Front wing: 40
  • Rear wing: 30


  • Differential adjustment on throttle: 30%
  • Differential adjustment off throttle: 45%
  • Engine braking: 100%

Suspension geometry

  • Front camber: -3.50
  • Rear camber: -2.2
  • Front toe-out: 0.25
  • Rear toe-in: 0.25


  • Front suspension: 35
  • Rear suspension: 5
  • Front anti-roll bar: 10
  • Rear anti-roll bar: 8
  • Front ride height: 25
  • Rear ride height: 55


  • Brake pressure: 95%
  • Front brake bias: 55%


  • Front right tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Front left tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Rear right tyre pressure: 26.5 psi
  • Rear left tyre pressure: 26.5 psi


While straight-line speed is important in Spain, being quick through the corners is paramount. There are several long corners in Barcelona that need high wing angles, such as the long right-hander, Turn 3.

Your Aerodynamics will serve you best when the wings are high and we've found that 40 on the front and 30 on the rear gives amazing grip throughout the lap without costing you much time down the pit-straight.


Transmission in F1 24 has changed from F1 23, with Engine Braking now being a configurable option. Engine Braking sets how quickly the car slows down when you get off the throttle.

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F1 24 Spain Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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For Spain, you'll need to have this at 100% to help scrub speed off around the final corners and Turn 9.

As for the Differential, this sets how differently your tyres can rotate and you'll need to strike a compromise between grip, stability and tyre life.

For Spain, you're best off opting for the default values of 30% for the on-throttle and 45% for the off throttle diff.

Suspension Geometry

Unlike most circuits in F1 24, your Suspension Geometry doesn't need to be optimized for maximum grip.

Barcelona is always tough on tyres, so the Camber angles need to be higher to help preserve your rubber.

As such, a Front Camber of -3.50 and a Rear Camber of -2.20 is ideal here.

The Toe angles though, need to be as low as possible at 0.00 for the front and rear to maximize mechanical grip.


The Suspension is the most detailed area of the F1 car to set up in F1 24. We'll start with the springs, which set how the car reacts to bumps and curbs.

F1 24 Spain Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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You'll start with the spring stiffness, which should be as firm as possible at 35 on the front but a much softer 5 on the rear.

Your Anti-Roll Bar needs to be unlocked but stiff enough to allow the car some rigidity. 10-8 will help with the high-speed direction changes in the final sector.

Despite the Circuit de Catalunya having some decent climbs and drops, the Ride Height should be on the low side at 25-55 to help reduce drag.


The long braking zone into Turn 1 alone means you need strong brakes in Spain. 95% Brake Pressure provides excellent stopping power.

As for the Brake Bias, 55% towards the front provides good balance and ensures that lock-ups are rare.


Maximizing the tyre pressures are the best option in F1 24. This will increase performance without sacrificing too much tyre life.

Setting 29.5 psi on the front and 26.5 psi on the rear will help maintain the rubber in Catalunya.

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What do you think about our F1 24 Spain setup? Let us know below!