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F1 Esports 2020: Marcel Kiefer reveals the BEST in-game settings!

Marcel Kiefer is undoubtedly one of the fastest sim racers on the planet.

His performance in the recent F1 Esports Series shows that, and now, there's a chance you can race like him too.

Let's take a look at Marcel's settings, and what you should be using in F1 2020!

Calibration & Force Feedback

Initially, Marcel has all his CSL Fanatec settings on normal, except for moving his look behind button.

Marcel Calibration
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In calibration, Marcel has changed his brake deadzone to 10, this is for the CSL Fanatec Elite pedal set. This is owing to the fact that he rests his foot on the brake somewhat.

Naturally, he has force feedback on. Strength is set to 70, on-track effects at 15, rumble strip and off-track effects at 10 and wheel damper at 5. Finally, understeer enhance is one.

In generic settings, Marcel has changed his overtake ERS mode to hold as opposed to toggle

Video & Audio

For game sound, the audio is somewhat of a personal preference. Marcel plays with 4 when streaming and 7 when playing off stream.

Marcel Graphics
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Similarly, he has turned the speech volume down to 7 to avoid some awkward Jeff interruptions. As well as this, radio verbosity is set to responses only.

For graphics settings, Marcel recommends playing with the highest refresh rate possible and VSync off to avoid input delay.

Anti-aliasing is set at TAA and FidelityFX Sharpening, but this requires some powerful hardware, so your results may vary!

For graphics settings, all settings are at low/ultra low. However, to make the game look slightly better, he has changed lighting quality to medium.

On-Screen Display

Out of personal preference, Marcel has changed the speedometer to KPH.

Marcel OSD
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This is then coupled with full track map, something which he highly recommends for players.

This allows you to monitor the track position of your opponents incredibly easily. Finally, permanent session timer is turned on as well as virtual rear view mirror.

Camera Customisation

Marcel uses the TV Pod Offset camera with some other adjustments.

Marcel Camera
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The first one is field of view, which is set to -0.30 (it is important to note this is personal and is related to how far you are from your monitor) and a lateral offset of -0.60, but no other offset is applied.

Finally, the angle is at -0.50 and he has opted to turn the camera shake off completely.

Fanatec Settings

Finally, let's take a look at Marcel's Fanatec settings. His wheel rotation is set at 360 degrees, a figure which is standard in the game also.

Marcel Fanatec
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Force feedback and shock are at 100, with ABS and DRL both turned off.

Force is on 90 and spring is also off. DPR is at 70, BRF at 80 and finally FEI is at a value of 50.

You can check out Marcel's video here!

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