*EXCLUSIVE* F1 Manager 2022 details revealed

The arrival of a new Formula 1 game is sparking fresh life into the F1 community.

F1 Manager 2022 caused a stir when it was announced at the start of March. Promising players the chance to take over as Team Principal at their favourite F1 team and lead them to glory. It is a title sure to please.

However, as a brand-new game, we don't really know that much about it. Developers Frontier are well-versed in managerial games, but not so much in sports titles.

In an exclusive, RacingGames.GG has been given a first-look at some alpha assets of F1 Manager 2022, as well as a Q&A between Game Developer Andy Fletcher and Community Manager Steve James.

So let's take a glimpse at what is in store for F1 fans this summer!

Broadcast-quality presentation

This has been an early selling point for Frontier, but what does it really mean? Andy Fletcher tells us, and shows us, exactly what that is.

Where some management games may use a top-down view or minimalist interpretation of events, F1 Manager 2022 is aiming for much more than that.

Frontier wants to place you directly on the pit wall and give you the experience of a real Team Principal.

To do this they have gone to the extent not just of modelling each track, but even reproducing the real-life camera angles that we see on TV and teams use in the pitlane.

The Baku City Circuit in F1 Manager 2022
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BAKU MAGIC: You will have to react to the chaos of Baku races in F1 Manager

Their commitment to realism goes beyond anything we've seen so far and includes some truly outstanding face scans of drivers.

With realism like this it is easy to see why there is such a buzz around this game.

Daniel Ricciardo in F1 Manager 2022
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GIVE US A SMILE DANIEL: The driver models are truly remarkable

It even extends to the pitstops.

Frontier has used motion capture to get realistic movement of pit crew personnel into the F1 Manager game. This should make those crucial strategy calls feel even more impactful.

A crew of motion capture actors ready to make a virtual pitstop for F1 Manager 2022
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QUICK AS A FLASH: Pitstops are crucial to success in Formula 1

Key decisions with meaningful outcomes

What people want from management games is for their decisions to be impactful within the game. F1 Manager looks set to deliver that.

From scouting your staff for every department to finding the next Lewis Hamilton from the junior ranks, right the way to voting on proposed rule changes, F1 Manager is leaving nothing on the table.

With everything from in-race ERS management to budget allocation at the team HQ, you will be at the very heart of a Formula 1 team like never before.

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"We really want to make a game that appeals both to the new fans and the more established fans." Said Fletcher.

"We think new fans are going to find a great management game first and foremost. One that brings to life the dramatic races that they enjoy on TV and perhaps introduces them to some of the deeper elements of the sport as well."

"The established fans will enjoy those deeper elements and appreciate all the authenticity we've put into the game."

We can't wait to dive into the world Frontier is creating. Be sure to follow them across Social Media for the latest news around F1 Manager 2022.

F1 Manager 2022 release date

Frontier is yet to confirm an official release date for F1 Manager 2022.

They have stated the game will arrive in Summer 2022, and our working theory is that the game will arrive in August.

With the summer break enforcing a four-week gap between the Hungarian and Belgian Grands Prix it would be the ideal time to give F1-hungry fans a new game to enjoy!

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