F1 Manager 2022's push for authenticity

F1 Manager 2022 is one of the most hotly anticipated titles of this year, thanks in no small part to the high degree of authenticity Frontier has been striving for.

From the very first in-game images and gameplay clips, a push to make the game engine as real as possible and provide an authentic managerial experience has been obvious.

In their latest behind-the-scenes clip, Frontier shows off how they've done it.

Step into the office

The face scans of drivers have always been a big part of getting a game to be authentic.

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Some of the very first images we saw of F1 Manager were driver scan that blew everything previously seen out of the water.

In their latest video, they take us behind the curtain to see how these are done.

Over 200 cameras take over 400 images in three seconds of the drivers to use as data points to create the models and textures.

Art Director Matt Dickinson says it takes about a week per driver to create the models and get them into the game! That's a serious commitment to producing a visually impressive game that really puts players into the world of F1.

One thing these models can't do is evolve with the drivers over the season. So unfortunately Seb's new shaggy hair doesn't look like it will be in the game!

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New images

We got a first look at a few new parts of the game from this video.

Firstly is a night race in Bahrain. The sky and overhead lighting look great, while the track and its surroundings are impressive.

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Then there is a first look at the podium. This doesn't quite have the flash and showmanship of the actual F1 podiums around the world, but it's pretty good!

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There are just six weeks until F1 Manager 2022 releases and we can't wait to dive into it.

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