F1 Manager 2022: Best Technical Chiefs in the game

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You can't do everything yourself, so who are the F1 Manager 2022 best Technical Chiefs?

As Team Principal you will need to build a backroom staff as well as the best drivers.

Starting with your Technical Chief is vital. Here is who you should be looking to bring into your team!

Technical Chiefs in F1 Manager 2022

Technical Chiefs are crucial to your team's car and its overall performance.


They head all technical car development for the team and lend expertise to the mechanical design of all car parts.

Each Technical Chief has six attributes that contribute to their overall rating. They are: Chassis, Front Wing, Rear Wing, Sidepods, Underfloor, and Suspension.

As you can guess, each one relates to areas of the car you can develop, and the better your Technical Chief is in those areas the better your new parts will be.

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It's not so easy to sign the best around though.

First they need to be interested in your team. That comes from doing well on race days and picking up big results. The better you are performing, the more staff will want to work with you. So don't think you can start at Haas and go poaching Red Bull staff right away!

Then you need to have the money. Technical Chiefs can as for upward of $2 million per year!

Fictional Technical Chiefs

While the real-life Technical Chief for every team starts in the game, there is also a pool of fictional personnel waiting for you to hire them.

Which ones you have available to you is random at the start of your save, so some of the better ones may not appear right away. So stay patient and keep your eye out if you are looking for a new Technical Chief!

Best Technical Chiefs


Overall rating is a pretty good guide for all staff positions in F1 Manager 2022, but you do want to make sure there are no huge weaknesses in your Technical Chief that can leave your car unbalanced and lacking crucial performance.

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As a result our list is not just a pure Overall ranking, but instead a measured consideration of every attribute.

These are the best Technical Chiefs in F1 Manager 2022!

Name Team Chassis Front Wing Rear Wing Sidepods Underfloor Suspension Overall Rating
Pierre WacheRed Bull83808781858283
Enrico CardileFerrari78818078858581
Simone RestaHaas77838177838080
Matt HarmanAlpine79777782807879
Ti ChuongFree Agent75768184767578
Mike ElliottMercedes78777674797376
Swindel StantFree Agent79608281838378
Darlene MatosFree Agent80858076756276
Franca GrassiFree Agent74727479817175
Anne LefebvreFree Agent77777684677576
Ben WatsonMcLaren72757475757474
Roberto FariaFree Agent70847873627974
Francois-Xavier DemaisonWilliams74737475727374
Gary BeanFree Agent61855680818575
Bea MooreFree Agent65647581857674

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