A Prelude to Something Great Treasure Hunt Guide

Thursday brings a new festival playlist, and with it a need for this A Prelude To Something Great Treasure Hunt guide! This week's treasure hunt is part of the final week of Upgrade Heroes and offers three seasonal championship points and 100 Forzathon points for those that complete it.

There is plenty to love about the Upgrade Heroes Spring festival playlist, including this treasure hunt, so let's take a look at how you can find the chest.

A Prelude To Something Great Treasure Hunt guide

This week's Treasure Hunt clue reads: "Time to B classy and win on the streets, finishing first will earn you the deets"

That means that this is a nice and open challenge. You have a B-class Honda Prelude, but can win any street racing event to unlock the chest location. These night-time point-to-point races are fairly straightforward against AI so you shouldn't need to do too much tuning beyond getting the stock car up to B class.

Once you win the race the location will pop, taking you over toward Teotihuacan and Granjas de Tapalpa. You'll find the chest next to a red hut just next to a dirt road between the big open-sided plastic shelters.

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Smash through it and grab your prize!

Upgrade Heroes Spring festival playlist

This week's festival playlist is the last of the Upgrade Heroes season, so it's your final chance to rack up points to win the series cars.

The seasonal progress cars this week are the Mercedez-Benz SL65 (20 points) and the Eagle Speedster (40 points). You can also win the Lexus RC F, the 1997 BMW M3, TVR Sagaris, Peugeot 205 R, and 1998 Toyota Supra in the festival playlist.

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Elsewhere, the photo challenge #Matchday asks you to find the Estadio Jose Aguilar in Guanajuato then snap a '92 Toyota Supra 2.0 GT there.

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