Feline Light Treasure Hunt Guide

A new playlist has arrived and there is treasure to be found in Mexico, welcome to our Feline Light Treasure Hunt guide! The Summer Party Winter festival playlist brings plenty of rewards and challenges for players, but one of the best ones is always the treasure hunt.

This week we are taking a flight in a superlight! Let's see what players need to do to find the chest.

Feline Light Treasure Hunt guide

This week's treasure hunt is called "Feline light" and the clue reads: "The breeze feels Superlight as you fly as far as this car's name".

The car in question is the Caterham Superlight R500, but you don't need to go 500 metres. We were able to take the base A class Caterham off the Runway Danger Sign for 300m and the location popped.

You will find the chest in the middle of the basketball court over in Playa Azul. Approaching from the north is the best way to get up the step onto the court itself.

Feline Light treasure hunt chest location
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Smash through it to claim 100 Forzathon points and three seasonal progress points!

Summer Party Winter

This week's festival playlist has a brand new car for you to win. You can grab the Toyota GR86 '22 for 20 points and the McLaren 650s Spider for 40 points this week.

Summer Party Winter seasonal reward cars
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Elsewhere in the festival playlist you can grab the Ford Escort '92, Chevy Bel Air, HSV Gen-F GTS, Acura NSX '17, and Mercedes-Benz GT 4 '18. There are also four Super Wheelspins to win.

If you have both expansion packs you can also win the Alpine A110 '73 and two more Super Wheelspins.

Don't forget to complete the Photo Challenge too! This week you need to snap any Datsun at the Stadium Beach Party.

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