Forza Customs: How to download across the world

Forza Customs Porsche

Forza Customs Porsche

Announced back in June, Forza Customs sees Turn 10 Studios collaborating with mobile racing game developer Hutch Games. Available on both Android and iOS, Forza Customs is currently restricted to Australia, the Philippines and the Netherlands.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t play Forza Customs elsewhere in the world. You just need to get a little creative.

How to download Forza Customs on Android

Most people assume that the only way to download apps onto Android devices is via Google Play. However, it is possible to download Google’s services entirely if you know how.

Android apps use the APK extension. These work just like .exe files but are formatted specifically for Android devices. Google Play downloads APK files onto your device to be installed and run, but it is possible to bypass Google and still install AK files.

Forza Customs Porsche
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Sites such as this one allow users to download APK files. Once downloaded, a file manager can be used to run the required installer, installing the application onto your device. At that point, the app will run just like any other on your device.

APK files only work for Android devices. For iOS, you need to use a different method.

How to download Forza Customs on iOS

While Android uses APK files, Apple’s operating system uses IPA files. Besides the file extension, the method to download is effectively the same. Hop onto the App Store and go from there.

iOS unfortunately is a closed shop. No third-party sites offer IPA files for download, so you cannot use the same method as above.

Forza Customs key art
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It is possible to convert APK files into IPA files, however, we do not recommend doing so. This can cause issues as the two formats are not designed to be convertible.

If you’re not willing to download files from external sites, or you can’t download from external sites, there is one last option to download Forza Customs.

How to download Forza Customs using a VPN

We all know what a VPN is by now. A Virtual Private Network is a means to both protect your browsing identity, and a way to watch your favourite Netflix shows not available in your region.

VPNs can also be used to trick app stores into believing you’re in another part of the world. For example, in Australia, the Phillippines, or the Netherlands - the only locations Forza Customs is officially available.

Installing a VPN on your device allows you to change your location to one of the three where the game is available. You can then log onto your app store and download Forza Customs.

Forza Customs microtransactions
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These methods should only be attempted with the strongest user discretion. Both contain the risk of either damaging your device or breaching the terms of service of your respective operating system.

Forza Customs will eventually roll out across more regions, so if you do want to play it may be better to wait for the official release wherever you are.

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