Forza Holidays Autumn: Festival Playlist, reward cars, challenges & more

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Forza Holidays Autumn is here!

The new season in Forza Horizon 5 is starting and brings with it seven reward cars and plenty of challenges for players to complete.


So what can we expect from Forza Holidays Autumn? Let's take a look!

Forza Holidays Autumn

The new season starts at 2:30pm GMT / 9:30am ET today, Thursday 15 December.

As usual this season will run for a week, with its Season Progress points going toward the Series Progress rewards.


You will need 80 points to get the #22 Extreme E and 160 points to get the Ferrari Cali T.

But what can you win in this Autumn season?

Reward cars

This week's Season Progress cars are both rare classics.


You can get the Plymouth Fury (20 points) and Dodge Super Bee (40 points).

Along with those you can win the BMW 1M For winning The Trial and the Jaguar XE-S for winning the Seasonal Playground Games.

The Seasonal Championships offer you the chance to win the Lotus Elise '99, Lamborghini LM 002, and Mercedez-Benz SLK.


There are also three Super Wheelspins to earn and a clothing reward.

Forzathon Daily Challenges

Day Title Description
1Care PackageSend a Gift Drop to another player
2HyperspeedEarn a total of 9 Stars from Speed Traps in any hypercar
3Super HeroEarn 20 Wreckage Skills in any German Sports Utility Hero
4Watering HoleTake a picture of the Cascadas de Agua Azul in the Jungle
5No Wings RequiredJump a total of 6,000 ft (1829m) at Danger Signs
6First LoveWin a Street Race in any Hot Hatch vehicle upgraded to S1 class
7Ultimate TalentEarn and bank an Ultimate Skill Chain

Forzathon Weekly Challenge

Chapter Title Description
1Vorsprung Durch TechnikOwn and drive the smallest S Line Audi, the 2015 Audi S1
2Everyday ExtremesTake advantage of the renowned Quattro AWD system in your 2015 Audi S1 to earn 10 stars at PR Stunts
3Turbo SportsPut the 2 litre turbo-charged engine to the test by maintaining a speed of 150mph (242 km/h) for 10 seconds in your 2015 Audi S1
4The Four RingsWith Audi's famous rally history, take the 2015 Audi S1 for a muddy outing to win 4 Dirt Scramble Events

Photo Challenge

This week's Photo Challenge is #HideAndSeek.


It asks you to snap the hidden Snowman at the Lugar Tranquilo Player House in Playa Azul.