Forza Horizon 4: Barn locations, free cars, unlock cars, find every barn

Forza Horizon 4 may have been out for a while, but with it now being part of Xbox Game Pass new players are coming to the amazing open world racer every day.

While getting from point A to point B as fast as possible is the name of the game, you'll need the right car to do it.

Rather than spending your precious CR to get some new wheels, you can find beaten-up old rides in hidden barns around the map.

Thankfully, a YouTuber named DungG has made a video on where to find them all.

There are some amazing cars hiding in barns that are well off the usual roads. Here's how to find them.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Let's start with the TVR, since it looks so good.

Forza TVR location 1
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BUT WHERE: You could spend hours combing that space!

Found near just south of Greendale Airstrip and east of Moorhead Wind Farm on the eastern side of the map, you'll need to go through a few fences and trees to get to the farm where this barn is located.

It's worth it though, as the TVR Cerbera is a beautiful and unique looking car.

Forza TVR Cerbera location reveal 1
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ON THE MONEY: It's off the beaten path, but right near a farmhouse so you shouldn't miss it

Bentley Blower

This massive beast from the 1930's is easily one of our favourites, just for its amazing asthetic.

Forza Bentley Blower location 1
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SEA FRONT: This one is right near the coast

located east of Astmoor near the coast, it is a very, very well hidden barn.

Forza Bentley Blower location reveal 1
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DENSE: The trees hide this barn, even if you are close by

Heading south on the coast road you will need to veer off into the trees to find this old classic.


An amazing little sports car, the MGB can be yours for free if you find this barn!

Forza MGB location
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RUN AROUND: The epic MGB is a lot of fun to drive

This one really is in the middle of nowhere, and would take an age to find without this guide. Located to the north of the Astmoor sign on the map, it is off the main road in a field of purple flowers.

Forza MGB loaction reveal
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HARD TO FIND: You won't be stumbling over this one!

Ford Escort RS Turbo

This teenage dream of a car requires more than a bit of hill climbing to find, so make sure you are in something suitible! You'll need to head north to Glen Rannoch to find the Escort.

Ford Escort RS Turbo
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in a small valley between two peaks you'll find arguably the most entertaining barn car.

Ford Escort RS Turbo revealed
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GO HIGH: You'll be climing the hills for a while to get to the barn

Triumph Spitfire

Just to the south-east of the Escort RS Turbo, in the Express Railyard is the classic Triumph Spitfire.

Triumph Spitfire
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Tucked away among some trees on the edge of a wheatfield, you'll find the barn containing this epic piece of British engineering.

Triumph Spitfire revealed
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CAN'T SEE ME: You won't even be able to see the barn before you hit the cut scene

Subaru Impreza 22B STI

The rallying icon can be yours for free with a retro livery and all. Located in the south of Lakehurst Forest you'll need to be careful not to total your car on trees finding this one.

Subaru 22B
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CRUNCH: If you're not careful you will end up part of the forest!

Along with a #3 sticker and rally lights it's a must own car for every 90s rally fan.

Subaru 22B revealed
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FIND ME IF YOU CAN: The barn is in a dense thicket of trees

Mini Cooper S

Next up is a tiny slice of classic British automotive engineering, the Mini Cooper! Found on the south-west tip of Derwent Water.

Mini Cooper S
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SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The Mini is perfect for off-road racing

You won't see this one from the road as it's in a little dip, but it's pretty clear if you are driving through the fields close to the water.

Mini Cooper S reveal
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NOT TOO FAR: It isn't that far from the road so you don't have to explore too much

Jaguar XJ220

The first of two Jags, this one is south of Derwent Water and pretty close to the Mini location.

It's another one hidden in a dip in a lightly wooded area.

XJ220 location
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FLY BY: There's no major landmark to follow so you'll need to fly over the fields

Jaguar E-Type S1

This legendary car can be yours for free if you head to the right barn!

Located on the west edge of the small lake between Tarn Hows and the Festival site, this is a pretty simple on to get.

Jaguar E Type
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FIND ME: Who doesn't want an E-Type for free!

It's right on the water edge, and there is a small path that you can follow too.

Jaguar E Type reveal
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POETRY IN MOTION: FH4 doesn't have a car half as beautiful as the E-Type

Lotus Elise GT1

Head up to the Slate Quarry to find this gorgeous little sports car, just take care not to go flying down into the quarry lake!

Lotus Elise
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CAUTION: Be careful trying to find this one

If you approach from the south you shouldn't get too close to the quarry itself though. This one can be very easy to drive right past, so take it slow!

Lotus Elise location reveal
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Audi Sport Quattro

Another absolute classic, the Quattro is on the west side of the Derwent Reservoir.

Audi Quattro
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HEY NEIGHBOUR: This one is right next to the Elise

This is one of the easier ones to find as it is fairly out in the open at the top of a hill.

Audi Quattro location reveal
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NICE TREAT: It's an easy one to get

Peel P50 - Summer Season Only

At the bottom of the reservior, near Uffington White Horse, is a barn that is only available in the Summer. This one houses the Peel P50.

Peel P50
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SUMMER CRUISE: Who doesn't want to race a single-seater?

You'll find this tiny little thing in the middle of the wood.

Peel P50 reveal
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TINY: The Peel P50 is a special little thing

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato - Autumn Season Only

Come Autumn you can grab this sensational Aston Martin.

You'll find the barn just to the south-east of the Festival Site.

Aston Martin
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FALLING FOR YOU: You'll love this car

The barn is on the north edge of the pond/lake.

Aston Martin reveal
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SHORT WALK BACK: It's not far to get back to the Festival

Land Rover Range Rover - Winter Season Only

You can only do this one in Winter because you need Derwent Water to freeze!

Range Rover
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BRRRRRR: You'll have to wait until it gets cold

You'll find this barn on the southern tip of the island in the middle of Derwent Water.

Range Rover location
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ADVENTURING: Just be careful not to fall through the ice!

Ford GT40 MK1 - Spring Season Only

The final barn can only be found in Spring.

Ford GT40
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FINALE: This is a great one to end on

On the west edge of the forest at Moorhead Wind Farm waits the amazing Ford GT40.

Ford GT40 reveal location
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CLASSIC: The GT40 is a beautiful old car

So that's it, that's where ALL of the barns and their free cars are in Forza Horizon 4.

For further visual guides you can check out DungG's video below:

If you like it make sure to throw him like and sub his challenge for more Forza Horizon 4 hints and tricks.

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