Forza Horizon 4: Lexus Super7 "All-In" challenge leaked on Xbox!

Forza Horizon 4 has done an excellent job of keeping the game fresh for all its players.

With season changes every week and a new series every month at the moment, it's easy to see how!

However, some of this incoming content may have just been leaked. Let's take a look now!

Lexus Super7

The leak seems to be an Xbox banner announcing a new Lexus Super7 "All in" challenge coming to the game.

FH4 Lexus Super7 1
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LEXUS TIME: The leak may reveal the brand for the next Super7!

The banner was removed almost as surreptitiously as it was added, but thankfully it was screenshotted and put on Reddit! Thanks to u/betinhogvz for that.

However, the details it reveals are incredibly interesting. The new Super7 game mode may well be seeing a Lexus themed event very soon.

We can't verify the image's integrity, but the screenshot does appear to accurately reflect a coming soon banner from the Xbox dashboard.

Lexus content

This rumour of a Lexus Super7 may point to there soon being a new reem of content around the Japanese brand.

FH4 Lexus Super7 2
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BANNER: This is the banner with the leak in question!

With just 3 Lexus cars currently in the game, there would need to be certain additions simply to allow for the 7 challenges.

So, we may soon be seeing some new Lexus cars added to the game, most notably, the car used in the picture for the banner. This is a 2021 Lexus IS.

This car isn't available in the UK, but I'm sure that won't stop Forza!

All In mode

The other interesting component to note about the banner is the name of the Super7 mode.

FH4 Lexus Super7 3
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TIME FOR SOME ADDITIONS: We may see some more Lexus' in the game soon!

The mode revolves around cards, with different cards representing different user-created challenges. With High Stakes on the way soon, we assume all in is another card game reference.

It often refers to putting in everything you have left, so may require players to wager their entire credits balance or similar!

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