Forza Horizon 4 retrospective: four events we'll miss when the festival moves to Mexico

The Forza Horizon 5 release is just weeks away and we can't wait to get driving in Mexico. We've had plenty of fun in Great Britain though and we'll really miss many of the events on the Horizon 4 map.

Here are a few of our favourites.

The Behemoth

One of the first events to unlock in the game, the Behemoth is hard! You race a lumbering giant hovercraft that seems determined to barge you off-course through the Scottish Borders area. Trying to control that 1993 Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck in off-camber corners was like wrestling a drunken bear. You never quite knew which way it was going to lurch next.

fh4 behemoth alt
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Getting some air in the Baja Truck on the Behemoth

Combine that with the cracking scenery and you've got a great introduction to the sort of game this was going to be.

LaRacer @ Horizon

We're always up for a bit of nostalgia at RacingGames.GG and this storyline had buckets of the stuff. Each event represented a different game from the history of racing games. My pick would be the first chapter, driving the Testarossa to the wind farm along with pounding dance music.

The LaRacer character as a fictional YouTuber certainly resonates in the age we're in. Being reminded to "like and subscribe" at the end of each chapter was a nice touch.

The Juggernaut

No list of great Forza Horizon 4 events would be complete without the Juggernaut. This mighty drag race, along a length of the motorway, is easy to learn but tough to master.

fh4 juggernaut alt
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A good launch is important in the Juggernaut

Unlike every other drag event in the game, this one isn't an entirely straight road, so choosing your line through the corners is critical.

Ambleside Scramble

This tricky loop around the Ambleside town is a real test of your dirt racing skills. Interestingly, it's the only dirt race in Forza Horizon 4 without any tarmac section. You'll need good traction and acceleration, as the circuit lacks any significant straight. You'll be needing to make your passes in the corners.

We've enjoyed this one for testing our off-road tunings and also for taking to the dirt in wildly inappropriate vehicles and seeing how they get on.

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