Forza Horizon 4 Series 30: Release date, Festival playlist cars, rewards & more

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As Christmas rolls around and the nights draw in, Forza Horizon 4 is still keeping the content pumping out as Series 30 approaches.

We may still be exploring and enjoying the Super7, but four new seasons will bring with them some amazing cars and wonderful challenges.

Let's see what awaits us!

Forza Horizon 4 Series 30 release date

The next series of FH4 will arrive on 17 December.

It should land at 2:30pm GMT, when the Spring Season gives way to Summer and Series 29 ends.

Festival Playlist

As usual, the Festival Playlist will be running throughout the Series.

There is the usual Festival Pass for 50% completion, but at 80% there is a brand new car to enjoy.

The Fiat Dino.


The Summer Season will kick off on 17 December and with it comes some stellar rewards.

FH4 Series 30 Summer 1
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SPECIAL REWARD: LaFerrari is an amazing car!

That's right, at 80% completion the Ferrari LaFerrari awaits. This hybrid sports car is a must-have for any collector!

Before that, at 50% you'll get the Lexus RC F.

The Photo Challenge is #AmblesideAdvent, just snap a picture at Ambleside! There is a dinosaur in the image above, which is something that could relate to an upcoming showcase or even crossover...

FH4 Series 30 Summer 2
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TAKE YOUR PICK: From giant trucks to nimble hatchbacks, there is a lot of variety

Other season events will see you chase some epic and rare cars, but they also include a new exclusive - the Fiat X1/9!

Summer is now here, and the rewards truly are impressive. Make sure to get online soon to get earning some exclusive rewards!


The leafs will start to fall on 24 December, but you shouldn't delay diving in as there is some awesome rewards.

FH4 Series 30 Autumn 1
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GYMKHANA: Pull some tricks and hit that Forzathon challenge!

At 50% you'll get the #777 Corvette drift car, and at 80% there is an aweome Ken Block race suit waiting for you!

The Photo Challenge is #OrientExtreme, asking you to snap a pic of any extreme offroad car at the Express North Railyard.

FH4 Series 30 Autumn 2
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CHRISTMAS JUMPER: A legendary clothing item awaits!

In the Autumn season events you can earn the new exclusive car - the Hoonigan Bronco.

There is also a Christmas jumper and a Caddy Limo to be won.


Winter will start on 31 December. Since we aren't going anywhere what better way is there to spend New Year's Eve?

FH4 Series 30 Winter 1
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RING IN THE NEW YEAR: With the sound of snow and engines!

The 50% completion car is the VW Notchback, while at 80% you get the Toyota GT86.

The Photo Challenge is #OldAquaintance, you'll need to take a photo with another player or Drivatar in Edinburgh.

FH4 Series 30 Winter 2
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AT LAST: Winter sees the car we've all wanted finally land

Among the Winter rewards is a Forza Edition BMW M6 '13 FE, a mega VelociRaptor '19 and the much-anticipated Koenigsegg Jesko!

The Jesko is likely to be hugely expensive, so don't miss your chance to get it here.


Finally, Spring should start on 7 January. It will let you get the new year of to a bang.

FH4 Series 30 Spring 1
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BIG REWARD: There is a massive reward for competing in the Spring

The 50% reward is the classic Alfa Romeo 155, while the 80% reward is the insane Bugatti Divo, a must-get!

The Photo Challenge is #KenBlockBuster and asks you to snap a pic of any Hoonigan car.

FH4 Series 30 Spring 2
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COMPLETE THE SET: Add a helmet to your race suit

The rewards include a Hoongan Escort, a Porsche 718, and a Ken Block helmet which you can combine with your Ken Block race suit from earlier in the Series.

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