Forza Horizon 4: Series 30 - Spring Season, Forzathon, Rewards & more!

Thursday 7th January ushers in a new season in Series 30, as we make our way gingerly into Spring.

With some exciting new events and rewards to play for, it should soften the blow of the continued COVID restrictions!

Let's take a look now at what you will be playing for throughout the next week!

Seasonal Events

There are a number of new seasonal events for players to complete. The photo challenge this week is the #KenBlockBuster, and just requires you to take a photo of a Hoonigan vehicle.

FH4 Hoonigan
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TIME TO HOON: The photo challenge is all about Hoonigan cars!

There are three Seasonal PR Stunts for players to perform, one Drift Zone, one Speed Trap and one Danger Sign.

The Trial this week is Retro Racing Green, and there is also a new Seasonal Playground Games called Spring Games.

Finally, we have Hooning It, Mini Motors, Hitting The Gymkhana and Horizon Festival Circuit.

Seasonal Rewards

These new events don't come without some exciting rewards, so let's dive into those.

FH4 Hoon Porsche
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GET SIDEWAYS: This reward is meant to be driven hard!

This week there will be a 1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo for completing Retro Racing Green. There will also be a 1977 Ford #5 Escort RS 1800 MK II, and this is for completing the Spring Games.

For the photo challenge and any of the PR Stunts you'll get one Super Wheelspin!

The Season Event rewards are as follows - Hooning It comes with the 1978 Hoonigan Ford Escort RS1800, Mini Motors comes with the 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 and finally Hitting The Gymkhana comes with the Ken Block Helmet.


This week's focus is the Lemon and Lime weekly challenge, all for the Austin-Healey Sprite MKI. The weekly challenge is split into 4 chapters, each with a separate challenge.

FH4 Austin Healey MKI
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OLD BUT... GREEN?: The Austin Healey MKI is the reward this week!

In chapter 1, you have to own and drive the famed 1958 Austin Healey, and for chapter 2, earn 5 Drafting Skills with the same vehicle.

In chapters 3 and 4 you'll need to go for a 10 mile drive, and then score 6 stars in speed zones.

Daily Challenges are as follows:

Flight Manoeuvres
Combine Air and Pass Skills to earn 2 Airborne Pass Skills
Hot Licks
Earn 3 Ultimate Drafting Skills
Closely overtake while racing to earn 1 Ultimate Pass Skill
Cream Crackered
Earn 2 Great Wreckage Skills
The General
Earn 3 Air Skills
Close Shave
Earn 1 Near Miss Skill
Drift Formula
Earn 2 stars or better in any Drift Zone

You can then spend any earned Forzathon Points in the Forzathon shop!

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