Forza Horizon 4 Series 39 Autumn: Challenges, Championships, and more!

Autumn arrives in the Great Britain of Forza Horizon 4. As ever, we've got all the latest information on the events and rewards this season!

Series 38 was the first of the Forza Horizon Mixtape. Now, events from previous seasons are being repeated with some chances to win some rare cars.

Autumn Festival Playlist

The weekly seasonal playlist rewards are a Backstage Pass and the 1971 Porsche #23 917/20, also known as the "Pink Pig". Earn these for 50% and 80% season completion respectively.

For the whole series, 50% earns a Backstage Pass and 80% the 1960 Porsche 356 RSR.

Forzathon Challenges

This week, the Forzathon challenge is based around the manufacturer Porsche. It's taken from the autumn of series 10. Earn 100 FP for completion, doubled if you own the Lake Lodge.

fh4 singer porsche
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There are many beautiful Porsches in Forza Horizon 4, including this Reimagined by Singer edition
Chapter 1 - Timeless Design
Own and drive any example of the legendary German marque, Porsche
Chapter 2 - A History of Motorsport
Share in Porsche's successful racing history by winning any 3 Road Racing Series Events with any Porsche vehicle
Chapter 3 - Going the Distance
Porsche excels at endurance racing! Run a marathon in your Porsche, driving a total of 26.2 miles
Chapter 4 - Rally Privateers
Many privateer teams have driven Porsches to victory in rallying. Follow their example by winning any 3 Dirt Racing Series Events with your Porsche

Weekly Challenge: "

Stuttgart's Heraldry

You don't need to use the same Porsche for each challenge, so switch to something with some suspension travel for the fourth chapter! I'll go for the Prodrive Porsche myself.

The daily challenges are taken from the autumn of series 17. Earn 10 FP per daily challenge and 60 FP bonus for completing all the whole week. This is also doubled if you own the Lake Lodge, so make sure to invest in that! Here’s the daily challenges:

Win a Cross Country Event
Rite of Passage
Win 2 Cross Country Circuit Events
Earn 3 Awesome Air Skills
Skin Of Your Teeth
Earn 1 Ultimate Near Miss Skill
Beat Around the Bush
Earn 1 Lumberjack Skill
Do You Even Drift, Bro?
Earn 3 Ultimate Drift and E-Drift Skills
Millionaire Shortbread
Earn a total of 75,000 Skill Score

Daily Challenges

Photo Challenge and PR Stunts

The winter photo challenge is #horsesforcourses. Take a photo of any Ferrari with the Uffington White Horse.

FH4 LaFerrari
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Which Ferrari will you chose for the photo challenge?

The seasonal PR Stunts are the Rannoch Shelf danger sign, the Toft speed zone, and the Derwent Reservoir speed trap.

As ever, if you own the DLC remember to also tackle the two additional PR stunts on Fortune Island and one in Lego Valley for extra super wheelspins.

Seasonal Championships

Autumn Developer Championship wins you the Ferrari Enzo, Heavyweight Champions wins you the Hummer H1, and Retro Rally Rumble wins the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro.

Remember, for each of these rewards you need to top the points table after the three races against drivatars with the Highly Skilled difficulty at a minimum.

Seasonal Events

The winter Playground Games offers the 1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye as a reward. To earn this prize you just have to take part.

There's no showcase remix this week.

For the Trial, the Aston Martin One-77 is the prize.

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