Forza Horizon 4 Series 40 Summer: Challenges, Championships, and more!

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It's a new series in the world of Forza Horizon 4! While we await Forza Horizon 5, we're here with all the latest information on the events and rewards this summer.

Series 38 was the first of the Forza Horizon Mixtape. Events from previous seasons are being repeated with some opportunities to pick up some rare vehicles.


Summer Festival Playlist

The weekly seasonal playlist rewards are the Mazda Cosmo and the Maserati MC12. Earn these for 50% and 80% season completion respectively.

For the whole series, 50% earns a Backstage Pass and 80% the 2018 Saleen S1.

Forzathon Challenges

This week, the Forzathon challenge is based around the Retro Supercar vehicle type. It’s taken from the summer of series 11. Complete these tasks in order to earn 100 FP for completion, doubled if you own the Lake Lodge.

fh4 mercedes clk gtr
The Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR is a Retro Supercar well suited to this week's Forzathon
Chapter 1 - Brave New World Own and drive any Retro Supercar
Chapter 2 - Pure ClassHave a taste of luxury, speed and style as you race a Retro Supercar to victory and win 3 Road Racing Series events
Chapter 3 - All Wool And A Yard WideWith engineering that was ahead of its time, use your Retro Supercar to earn 3 stars at The Roman Mile Speed Trap
Chapter 4 - Thing Of BeautyRelish in its magnificence as you drive your Retro Supercar for a total distance of 15 miles

"The Apple of my Eye" Forzathon challenge

You don't need to use the same Retro Supercar for each chapter, so feel free to try a few!

The daily challenges are taken from the summer of series 25. Earn 10 FP per daily challenge and 60 FP bonus for completing all the whole week. This is also doubled if you own the Lake Lodge, so make sure to invest in that! Here’s the daily challenges:

#1 Hair's Breadth Earn 2 Awesome Near Miss Skills
#2Oranges and LemonsEarn 3 Ultimate Near Miss Skills
#3MoonsaultCombine Air and Wreckage Skills to earn 2 Crash Landing Skills
#4Hang TimeEarn 2 Ultimate Air Skills
#5Bull In A China ShopEarn 2 Wrecking Ball Skills
#6Flying HighEarn 1 Awesome Air Skill
#7Mad as a HatterEarn 3 Ultimate Wreckage Skills

Daily challenges

Photo Challenge and PR Stunts

The summer photo challenge is #notgardenvariety. Take a photo of a Cult Car at the Mortimer's Gardens location.


The seasonal PR Stunts are the Outcrop Crest danger sign, the Wesloch speed trap and the Croft speed zone.

As ever, if you own the DLC remember to also tackle the two additional PR stunts on Fortune Island and one in Lego Valley for extra super wheelspins.

fh4 alfa gta fortune island
Don't forget the Fortune Island PR Stunts!

Seasonal Championships

FF Spotlight wins you the 2011 DS 3 Racing, Full Throttle wins you the Modern Race Suit in grey, and Forza Italia wins the Ferrari 360 CS.

Season Events

This week's Trial "History Class" has the Peugeot 207 S as the reward.


The Playground Games prize is the 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455. You don't need to win the event to earn this muscle car, just take part.