Forza Horizon 4: The best cars and tunings for PR stunts

Struggling to three-star all the PR stunts on the Forza Horizon 4 map? Finding the seasonal challenges a little too challenging?

We've put together some tips to ace those tricky speed traps, awkward speed zones, and difficult danger signs.

Choosing the right on-road vehicle

In the dry and on the tarmac, there's no real competition. The Ferrari 599XX Evolution is the fastest car in the game and it dominates the global leaderboards for most PR stunts.

If you don't have a 599XX E, or you just can't get to grips with its twitchiness under lateral load, there are a range of other options.

FH4 Vuhl
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The Vuhl 05RR balances grip and speed

The Mosler MT900S has a tad more grip if you need mad outright speed but you're struggling with the bends, or if it's raining and you don't have the time to wait for better weather.

The Volkswagen #94 ID-R doesn't have the straight-line pace of the two previously mentioned, but the grip is on another planet. Try it for speed zones: you won't break records in this one, but you may find you beat the target in far fewer attempts in this electric extreme track toy.

Somewhere in between is the Vuhl 05RR. If you want something faster for a speed zone than the ID-R but you don't want to sacrifice too much grip, give this one a go!

Cars for off-road or snow PR stunts

Snow and dirt present a trickier choice of PR stunt cars.

Our top pick is the Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution. Ken Block's modifications to the Group B classic make this the best in-game vehicle for when the going gets tough.

A surprising alternative is the BAC Mono. This isn't a car you'd want to take off-roading in the real world, but with its savage acceleration and downforce, it can achieve some top performances in the dirt and snow.

Our third off-road contender is the Jeep Trailcat. This beast won't challenge the top times but with its chunky tyres and forgiving suspension, it's our wildcard choice to make a three-star performance a little more achievable.

Where to find these rare cars

The BAC and the Mosler are pretty common cars. The former is an Autoshow and wheelspin car and the latter has been available as a gift car and it can be easily purchased in the auction house.

The Ferrari 599XX E and the Hoonigan RS200 are both available with backstage passes. The Jeep Trailcat is a reward for reaching tier 3 in the cross country series.

FH4 BAC Mono
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The BAC Mono is easily purchased and great on or off the road

The Vuhl and the VW ID-R are not currently available outside of the auction house and are unlikely to show up much there at the moment due to their rarity. We do expect they might show up as seasonal rewards again soon. The Vuhl 05RR was the last new car to Forza Horizon 4, in the summer of series 37.

This list isn't definitive - many top tuners have their own take on how to set up these cars. However, it should give you a place to start if you're struggling with PR stunts!

Tuning type
Share code
Ferrari 599XX Evolution
Dry road PR stunts, ABS off
818 694 630
Mosler MT900S
Wet road PR stunts
726 806 728 (ABS Off), 155 551 230 (ABS On)
Hoonigan RS200 Evolution
Dirt or snow PR stunts
129 928 878
BAC Mono
Off-road PR stunts
858 984 671
Jeep Trailcat
Trailblazers, off-road danger signs
180 098 891

I don't have any recommended tunings for the Vuhl 05RR or the VW ID-R yet. Since most tunings for these cars just maximise the power to weight without any real consideration for other factors, these are good cars to work on your own tunings for.

Additional tips and tricks

One direction is usually easier than the other with speed traps and speed zones. So try going each way as it may not be obvious at first glance.

If the corners leading up to the PR stunt you're tackling are just too tight, try switching to your favourite drag racer. The Shelby Monaco King Cobra or the Guntherwerks Porsche can make short work of an awkward speed trap, such as Westwick on Fortune Island.

Smash everything in your way! If there are breakable walls on the inside of corners along a speed zone, go through and smash them down before your attempt. Many corners can be cut more than you'd think.

If all else fails: put the controller or wheel aside and take a break from your screen. It's easier when you're not frustrated!

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