Forza Horizon 4: Two new cars teased, Series 34, release date & more!

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Once a month, Forza Horizon 4 players get treated to a brand new Series to enjoy which includes masses of content.

This time, we already have our eyes firmly set on what two of the cars in the new season may be.

So, let's take a look at Series 34, as well as some of the teased content from Playground Games!

Pontiac Firebird '68

The official Forza Horizon Twitter account posted a tweet yesterday with some clues as to what the vehicles may be.

FH4 Firebird
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FORZA TIME: We've seen the '68 in Forza games before!

One of these is very easy to decipher, and features a fire and a bird emoji with the number 68. As such, it seem we shall soon be seeing the '68 Firebird in Forza Horizon 4.

We're not complaining at all, as a chance to drive the first generation of Firebird around the streets of the UK sounds great to us.

Emory Outlaw 356

This one may be a tad less exciting for fans, as it seems another Porsche is on its way to the game. However, once again, we're not complaining!

FH4 356
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THE 356: There is one 356 in the game already, but nothing like the Outlaw!

This time, we have the Emory Outlaw 356. We can surmise this from the gun and cowboy emojis and the numbers 356.

The Porsche 356 RSR Emory was found in game files back in January, so we assume this is a pretty solid guess. The 356 Outlaw rocks a

Series 34

These two new cars, and more besides, will arrive in the game on April 8. Tomorrow, a stream over on the Forza Twitch channel will announce its contents and more!

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SERIES 34: We're excited to see what the new update will contain!

The Forza team also often decide to put on a YouTube stream, so you can watch from either of the platforms.

Series 34 will come with a host of new challenges, as well as new content and Forzathon for players to run at!

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