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Forza Horizon 5: Acura Me Treasure Treasure Hunt Guide

It's Series 5 Spring and there is another Treasure Hunt to complete, here is our Acura Me Treasure Treasure Hunt guide!

The chest contains 50,000 credits, as well as some valuable points toward your Season Progress cars.

But where is it?

Acura Me Treasure Treasure Hunt Guide

The Treasure Hunt starts with a simply clue. "Acura a clue by travelling fast to see new stars on the Horizon. A quick flash and you'll see."

So, grab the Acura RSX Type S, it's only 25,000 credits in the Autoshow, and then head to the new Speed Trap called Horizon Baja.

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You only need to set the camera off, not get 3 Stars or anything, so don't worry too much.

Once you get it the Treasure Chest circle will pop onto the map.

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Treasure Chest location

It's a pretty easy chest to find now. You'll find it where the train line crosses over the road.

It's underneath the bridge, by the water.

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Series 5 Spring festival playlist

There are six cars to earn this week in Forza Horizon 5.

The two Season Progress cars are the Nissan GTR '20 (20 points) and Honda Civic '84 (40 points).

Then there is the Lotus 3-Eleven for completing The Trial, the Subaru WRX '08 for the Seasonal Playground Games, the Bugatti T35 C for the Speed Zone and finally the Pagani Huayra FE for the Speed Trap!

There is also the Photo Challenge at the Pantano Pass Speed Trap.

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