Forza Horizon 5 Charmed I'm Sure Treasure Hunt Guide

A new series has landed in Mexico, which means you will need our Forza Horizon 5 Charmed I'm Sure Treasure Hunt Guide. This series is all about High Performance, so you get to use some epic cars in this hunt.

The High Performance Summer Festival Playlist is now live in Forza Horizon 5, offering plenty of rewards and challenges to complete. One of them is the always-fun Treasure Hunt which this week will have you zooming past traffic!

Charmed I'm Sure Treasure Hunt Guide

This week's Treasure Hunt is a hypercar one, which is always fun. The clue is: "Hypercars turn up the charm by five as they narrowly avoid others on the highway."

It's not a tricky one this week. Simply grab a hypercar from your garage and get five Near Misses on the main highway that runs east-west through the middle of the map. When you've done that the location will pop on your map, taking you to Costa Rocosa in the southwest corner.

Charmed, I'm sure treasure hunt guide
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You'll find the chest just off the roundabout at the end of the highway, on the south side of it by the junction.

Charmed I'm sure chest
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Here it is on the map.

Charmed I'm Sure chest location on the map
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Smash through it and the 100 Forzathon Points are yours, along with three seasonal progress points!

High Performance Summer festival playlist

This week sees the start of the High Performance series, which offers you the Ferrari 599XX (80 points) and McLaren F1 (160 points) as your Series Progress cars.

This week players can win the Huracan STO (20 points) and KTM X-Bow GT4 (40 points) for their Season Progress.

high performance summer seasonal progress cars
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Players can also win the Lancer GSR '99, the 911 Turbo '82, the 911 '19, the BMW M5 '12, and the Dodge Viper '13 through the Festival Playlist.

Not only that, there are four Super Wheelspins to be won and a Forza Link reward for completing the Photo Challenge, which this week is snapping the Ferrari 812 Superfast outside the Buenas Vistas player house.

Those with the Hot Wheels DLC can get the Lamborghini Huracan P and a Super Wheelspin, while those with the Rally Adventure DLC can get the Doddle Jump clothing reward and another Super Wheelspin.

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