Forza Horizon 5: connection issues fix rolled out

Forza Horizon 5 is about to hit the Game Pass and full release! Players with the Deluxe or Premium editions have already been racing around Mexico for a few days. How have the servers coped with the pressure of such a big release?

Online play in Forza Horizon

It hasn't been a trouble-free launch so far. Many players have found the online experience to be somewhat frustrating. Disconnection from Horizon Life has been common and interrupted gameplay for many Forza players.

The problem has been very noticeable. If you're in the middle of a long skill chain when your server connection drops, your car stops dead and you lose your skill points. Horizon Arcade players have found themselves attempting to smash piñatas alone. Multiplayer games such as the Eliminator have become all but impossible to compete in for the last few days.

The fix for connection issues

The developers, Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios, have today rolled out a fix for the connection problems. Fortunately, the fix is server-side. Players won't need to download a patch for the problem to be resolved.

fh5 connection fix
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The notice in Forza Horizon 5

The community team admit to being aware that the new game Forza Horizon 5 has had connection issues and that players have experienced disconnection. The fix has been rolled out with immediate effect. We're also informed that the fix was implemented without any server downtime.

This is great news for Forza fans. With the number of players approaching a million, it's understandable that the launch has had some teething issues. We're glad to hear the studios have reacted quickly with a fix.

fh5 festival site
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The festival in Mexico has had a slightly troubled launch

This should mean we can all go back to racing and exploring, rather than being frustrated at our connections to the Forza Horizon servers!

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