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Forza Horizon 5 Dia de Muertos Patch Notes: New Cars, Events, Features & more

Forza Hoirzon 5
Credit: Playground Games / Xbox Games Studios

Forza Horizon 5 Dia de Muertos Patch Notes are here with today's update to Horizon.

There's a lot included with the 10th October 2023 update and this is also the first FH5 update after Forza Motorsport is available to players. The big talking point is the Die de Muertos content, which we've already covered here.

We're bringing you the full patch notes and everything else you need to know about the Forza Horizon 5 Dia de Muertos update!

Forza Horizon 5 Dia de Muertos Patch Notes

Dia de Muertos is Mexico's most famous holidays. So, it makes sense that Forza Horizon 5 should celebrate this, as Mexico plays host to the game's map. For those that don't know what Dia de Muertos is, it literally translates as "Day of the Dead" in English.

Think Halloween in the daytime but with carnival vibes and even more sweets thanks to pinatas. If you're ever lucky enough to travel to Mexico during this festival, you'll see people walking the streets in those colourful skull masks.

Forza Horizon 5
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Credit: Playground Games / Xbox Games Studio

In Forza Horizon 5, there are a lot of new features, events and cars for you to enjoy with this latest update. The highlights include new motors in the Super Speed Car Pack and vehicles that can be unlocked through regular play.

FH5 Dia de Muertos Patch Notes

We've got the full patch notes for this update for you below to take a look at. These are available on all of Horizon 5's console systems and worldwide from today, 10th October:

New Features

  • Drift Camera (Chase View)
  • Additional Eliminator Starter Car - 2010 Nissan Tsuru
  • 15 Día de Muertos EventLab props
  • 13 Achievements
  • 2 Día De Muertos Player Badges
  • 1 Día De Muertos Accolade
  • 3 Cosmetics Items: 1 Forza Motorsport Race Suit, 2 Día De Muertos Outfits
    • Forza Motorsport Race Suit: delivered to all players through an in-game message on October 10th
    • Día De Muertos Outfits: delivered to all players through in-game message on November 2nd

"Día De Muertos" Limited Timed Series Features (Available from October 12th until November 9th)

  • Evolving World: Día De Muertos Decorations
  • Evolving World: Día De Muertos Drone Show
  • Evolving World: Tank Mariachi collectible (also available in EventLab as a standalone prop)

Unlockable cars

  • 4 Festival Playlist Reward Cars (Available from October 12th onwards)
    • 2010 Nissan Tsuru
    • 2023 Meyers Manx 2.0
    • 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor
    • 1951 Porsche 356 SL

“Super Speed Car Pack” cars (Available from October 10th - Not included with the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass, Standard, Deluxe or Premium Editions)

  • 2019 Elemental RP1
  • 2020 KTM X-Bow GT2
  • 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS
  • 2022 Volkswagen Golf R

Bug fixes and changes


  • Fixed an issue where ASL/BSL videos were missing from some Horizon Stories (Anniversary, Made in Mexico, Drift Club, Horizon Wilds)
  • Fixed an issue where on some occasions, photos were saved with visible guidelines (Bug ID 3909725)
  • Players can now play EventLab events on other tracks via the Pause Menu and will be travelled to that track before playing the event.
  • General performance and stability fixes


  • Prefab Menu now includes a manually curated Featured tab
  • Added ability to filter via track when searching for EventLab events
    • Developer’s Notes: As this feature has been added with this update, it will work with Blueprints created from this Series Update onwards.
  • Improvements made to Snap node cull distance when working with large props
  • Improvements made to Attachment Nodes which could disappear or be unable to attach to other nodes
  • Fixed an issue where props could randomly move when in placement mode (Bug ID 3904521)
  • Fixed an issue where the Prefab’s thumbnail unintendedly changed when moving or copying that Prefab (Bug ID 3909177)
  • Fixed an issue where the number of likes and downloads of a Prefab was not correctly updated in My Prefabs menu (Bug ID 3907615)
  • Fixed an issue in EventLab Island where the Event map pin image was missing on the Map and Mini Map (Bug ID 3906978)
  • Fixed an issue where editing a route with Red or Blue checkpoint flares could make them immovable and, upon any other edit, could change their flag type (Bug ID 3906986)
  • Fixed an issue where the prefab thumbnail camera would be placed in a poor position (Bug ID 3907060)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players could experience graphic corruption on EventLab Island when accessing playing through XCloud (Bug ID 3910733)


  • Fixed an issue with the 2021 BMW M3 where exterior windows couldn’t be tinted (Bug ID 3910439)
  • Fixed an issue with the 2021 BMW M4 where the driver was incorrectly placed inside the car (Bug ID 3910518)
  • Fixed an issue with the 2015 BMW i8 where the AC Schnitzer widebody kit removed mirrors in cockpit view (Bug ID 3910518)
  • Fixed an issue with the 2018 BMW M5 where the AC Schnitzer spoiler was clipping through the rear boot while in ForzaVista (Bug ID 3910433)
  • Fixed an issue with the 1996 BMW 850CSi where vinyl was incorrectly mapped when using the widebody kit (Bug ID 3910522)

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