Forza Horizon 5: Fast Track Treasure Hunt Guide

It's Thursday which means a new season has hit Mexico and a new Festival Playlist so you need this Forza Horizon 5 Fast Track Treasure Hunt Guide!

If you want those three Series points and free 100 Forzathon points then here is how.

Fast Track Treasure Hunt Guide

Everything starts with the clue!

This week it says: "Stop playing around and be first to get this toy to the end of the road.

FH5 Treasure Hunt clue
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This means that you need to win a Road Racing series with a Track Toy car. It can be any race, so grab your favourite Track Toy and head over to the race you are most comfortable with.

Treasure chest location

Once you win the race the location area will pop for you near the Horizon Apex outpost.

FH5 treasure chest location area
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There is a lot of vegetation around this spot, but thankfully you don't need to go hunting too far.

The chest is right next to the road on the entrance to the Apex site.

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Horizon Road Trip Summer

While this series is Series 12 in the old style, Playground Games has moved away from the numbering, instead naming it Horizon Road Trip Summer!

Summer offers players eight cars to win, including the Aston Martin DB11 '17, Caterham R500, and the epic Bentley Turbo R.

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There are also the usual Super Wheelspins and other rewards to earn. And of course the Photo Challenge in the Horizon Apex Outpost to complete!

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