Forza Horizon 5 H Marks The Spot Treasure Hunt Guide

The current series is coming to an end, but we have one more chest to find in the H Marks The Spot Treasure Hunt. This one will take us around the map but the prize of 250,000 credits is worth it.

The Explore the Horizon Spring festival playlist has begun, so this treasure hunt is now live in Forza Horizon 5. The hunts this series have been excellent, and we hope that Playground Games keeps something similar for the coming series.

H Marks the Spot treasure hunt guide

For the first Accolade, you need to head over Atlantes de Tula, which is near the barn find in the southern swamps and lagoons. The start of the trail can be found on the player marker below:

The start point for the first pathfinder accolade this week
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Follow the pink balloons and wind your way through trees and over the river rapids. You'll want something with good ground clearance to not get stuck on the rocks!

The path will take you to the finish point here:

End point of the first pathfinder trail
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Next, we need to head over to Playa Azul and go north-west. The next pathfinder picks up here:

The start point for the second pathfinder accolade this week
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This one is pretty short and direct, so you won't have any trouble reaching the end point, which is below:

The end point for the second Pathfinder accolade this week
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The final pathfinder takes us to the Dunas Blancas, so get your Baja buggy ready! You'll find the start out at the coast by the speed zone:

Start point for the final pathfinder this week
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Bounce your way south along the coast and you'll find the finish point and the treasure chest at the top of a rocky hill! Smash through it and collect your 250,000 credits!

The finish point and location of the treasure chest for this week
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Explore the Horizon Spring

The final week of this series is here, meaning it is your last chance to earn enough points to grab the series reward cars Wuling Sunshine (80 points) and Audi RS 7 '21 (160 points).

This week's seasonal progress cars are the HUMMER EV Truck (20 points) and Morris Traveller (40 points). The Hummer EV is exclusive this week so don't miss your chance to win it.

Elsewhere in the festival playlist this week you can win the Mini JCW Buggy, the Mercedes-Benz 190E, the Dodge Durango, the Hummer H1, and the Land Rover Velar. You can also grab the Range Rover '15 if you win an Eliminator. There are also two Super Wheelspins to earn and two more if you have both expansions.

There's also the #Flutterby Photo Challenge where you need to find the camera equipment near Hotel Mirador Balderrama.

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