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Forza Horizon 5: Hot And Sandy Treasure Hunt Guide

Thursday has seen a new Series 10 Spring Festival Playlist arrive in Mexico along with a new Treasure Hunt so here is our Hot And Sandy Treasure Hunt Guide!

This week it's all about electric cars, so let's go treasure hunting!

Hot And Sandy Treasure Hunt Guide

The clue this week is "EVs blaze through the sand and deliver a gold star rated service".

It sounds pretty meaningless, but it turns out there is a Trailblazer called Sand and Deliver over in Dunas Blancas on the west side of the map!

To unlock the rest of the Treasure Hunt you will need to earn at least 1 star in an electric vehicle at the Sand and Deliver Trailblazer. We were able to do this using the Extreme E car and bouncing our way over the dunes.

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Treasure Chest location

Once the Treasure Chest area has been revealed head over to it, it's not far.

You'll find the chest just off the road near the new Baja California Trail, but it is hidden beside a building and out of view from the road.

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The big Extreme E billboard is a big giveaway though!

Smash the chest and you've got yourself 100 Forzathon Points and three season progress points!

Series 10 Spring

This week you can win six cars in the Festival Playlist.

This includes the two Season Reward cars of the Porsche 911 '90 (20 points) and the Vauxhall Carlton (40 points).

You can also win the Lamborghini Huracan P, No. 6 Extreme E, No. 125 Extreme E, and the Infiniti Q60!

There is also a Photo Challenge where you need to snap the Lotus Evija in the Dunas Blancas.

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