Forza Horizon 5: how to get the Formula Drift and Chris Forsberg cars!

It's time to get sideways in Mexico! If you're keen to get drifting in Forza Horizon 5, you'll want the Formula Drift car pack.

Here's how to get those cars.

What is the Formula Drift car pack?

The Formula Drift and Forsberg Racing car pack is a bundle of cars included if you've bought the Premium Edition or the Premium Addons Bundle for Forza Horizon 5. They're based on the actual vehicles of competitors in the American series Formula Drift. These cars come all set up ready to get sliding!

fh5 forsberg racing
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Forsberg Racing must get through a lot of tyres

Chris Forsberg is a legend of Formula Drift with three championships to his name. He now runs his own team and two Forsberg Racing cars are also included in this pack.

Why do I want them?

The Formula Drift cars are, as you'd expect, tuned for great drifting straight out of the box. They have a bigger range of steering angle than other cars in the game, so they can hold slides where other cars would spin or stall out.

fh5 formula drift mazda
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Rotary fans rejoice! The Formula Drift Mazda has that distinctive sound

They also look and sound fantastic. The RX-8 in the Formula Drift pack appears to be the only car in the game with a triple rotor rotary engine, which has a unique tone. These cars have other modifications you're not able to make to the standard models.

How do I get these cars?

Firstly you need to go to the Forza Horizon 5 menu and to the the Store page. Click "Car Packs" and check that it says "Owned" for the Formula Drift cars. This should be the case for anyone who has Premium editions of the game.

fh5 car collection formula drift
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The Car Collection screen is the easiest way to add cars to your garage

Next, go to the Cars tab in the menu and to the Car Collection view. This is the quickest way to add cars to your garage. Go through each of the Formula Drift and Forsberg Racing cars and press Y to purchase. Most of the cars can be added to your garage free of charge! There's a few that are Autoshow cars in the base game, you'll know because it will tell you the price of them.

The final step is to hop in one of these cars and start drifting!

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