Forza Horizon 5 Old Is Gold Treasure Hunt Guide

The last week of the High Performance series is here and with it you will need this Forza Horizon 5 Old Is Gold Treasure Hunt guide. As ever, Treasure Hunts offer players the chance to solve riddles and locate hidden treasure.

The reward is 100 Forzathon points, great for buying cheap cars and Super Wheelspins from the shop. You will also get three points toward your season and series progress. That's especially useful this week as the High Performance Spring Festival Playlist contains an exclusive car you won't want to miss!

Forza Horizon 5 Old Is Gold Treasure Hunt Guide

This week's Treasure Hunt is called 'Old Is Gold' and has the clue: Solidify the retro reputation by speedily earning gold.'

Pictured in the McLaren F1GT, a Retro Supercar. To complete the clue and get the location you need to get three stars in Speed Traps using a Retro Supercar.

Old Is Gold treasure hunt clue in forza Horizon 5
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We were able to get the location of the chest by getting two stars twice in our Bugatti EB110, so don't worry too much about tuning up one of your Retro Supercars.

The area will pop into your map and guide you to the north part of the Teotihuacan drag strip. You'll find the chest at the north-most tip of the drag strip, just in front of the large pyramid.

Old Is Gold treasure chest location
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High Performance Spring

The High Performance Spring Festival Playlist offers eight cars in total. The Season Progress cars are the exclusive Porsche MissionR (20 points) and the Jaguar XKR-S '15 (40 points).

You can also earn the Ferrari 358, VS Scirocco '11, HSV Maloo '14, Honda NSX-R '92, and Dodge Viper '08. If you have the Hot Wheels pack you can also win the Mercedes-Benz C63 in this festival playlist.

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There are also a total of six Super Wheelspins to win, with one each tied to the Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure expansions and several clothing and horn items up for grabs as well.

Oh and don't forget the photo challenge, which is to snap a Lambo at El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

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