Forza Horizon 5: player creates real-time companion map

The Mexico of Forza Horizon 5 is absolutely stunning. The diversity of the scenery is unlike anything we've seen in a racing game before. But with such a vast area to explore, it can be easy to get lost and confused! Fortunately, one Forza player has built a solution.

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The Mexico of Forza Horizon 5

We're still in awe of the map that Playground Games have created for the latest Forza Horizon game. From the mighty volcano to the beautiful beaches on either coast, it feels like there's every kind of landscape to explore. But it's only natural that such a vast freeroam area can overwhelm.

You can save a huge amount of time by having a copy of the map available when you're playing. Games such as Grand Theft Auto used to bundle a map in with the game disc. The days of physical releases seem to be in the past though. So far there's no physical release of Forza Horizon 5, nor would we expect it to include a nice printed map when discs are available.

The companion map for Forza Horizon 5

Forza player Brett Adams has the ideal solution. How about a second screen showing your position on the Mexico map? It might be possible using UDP telemetry. So he set about building a map for Forza Horizon 5 that shows your location in the game in real time.

fh5 mexico full map
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The Forza Horizon 5 map is incredible, but it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed!

The result is incredible. It's also so easy to set up. You just need to go into the menu in your Forza Horizon 5 game and enable UDP. To do this, go to Settings and then HUD and Gameplay. You'll find the UDP options at the bottom of the list of options as "Data Out" and so on. Switch Data Out to On and change the IP Address to You'll then need to change the Data Out IP Port to 5555 and you're done!

Open a browser window on your phone or computer and head to and you should be able to see your position and direction, in real time, as you play Forza Horizon 5. The amazing thing is that this works on both PC and on Xbox, and you can check your location on the second screen of your gaming PC or on a separate device. You just need to make sure both your PC or console and your second screen device are on the same network.

We're really impressed with the ingenuity of Brett and this is definitely a page I'll be keeping open while exploring the festival!

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