Forza Horizon 5 series 2 Summer: Festival playlist, challenges, prizes, and PR stunts!

Series 2 arrives in the Mexico of Forza Horizon 5! This series takes us through the Christmas period.

The Forza team have some new and exciting features in store for us. Let's take a look!

Playlist completion rewards

For the series as a whole, the playlist rewards are the Gingerbread Outfit for 120 playlist points and the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for 200 points. Both are exclusive rewards, so you won't want to miss these!

This series there's also the Horizon Secret Santa. New rewards are unlocked by players sending gifts! These are the Santa Outfit and a mystery gift which we expect to be the Peel P50.

fh5 peel p50
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The Peel P50 would make a quirky gift

For the summer season, the playlist prizes are the Mercedes-AMG E63, for 25 playlist points, and the Maserati 8CTF, for 45 points. This is out of a total of 68 points available, so it shouldn't be too tough to earn both rewards.

Forzathon challenges

This week, the Forzathon challenges are based around the 1993 Nissan 240SX SE. Earn 5 playlist points and 80 Forzathon points for completing every chapter.

There's also the usual daily challenges. We haven't seen these yet, except for the first two. We'll need to earn 250,000 skill points for the first and then drive three different cars in a game of the Eliminator for the second. Daily challenges are each worth 1 playlist point and 10 Forzathon points.

Season events

Complete a Horizon Arcade theme of Mini Games for 3 playlist points. The Trial this week is Elf on a Shelf and has the Elf Outfit reward. You'll need to have enough accolades to be in the Hall of Fame to enter the Trial.

The EventLab game Bowling in the Deep earns you the Elf Hat to go with the outfit. Here's the description: Race to the finish while knocking down as many pins as possible, but mind the gap! There's also the Playground Games event Ready, Get Set, Glow which has the Chevy Bel Air for its reward.

PR Stunts

The PR stunts this summer are the Desert Dunes danger sign, the Estadio speed trap and the Riviera Maya speed zone.

fh5 danger sign
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The Koenigsegg Jesko is a great car for danger signs in Forza Horizon 5

Each of these PR stunts earns you a wheelspin and 2 playlist points. Make sure to check you're in the right class of vehicle for each!

Seasonal championships

Toys Under the Tree seasonal championship gives you the Red Nose clothing item. Good Tidings We Bring has the #14 Ford Fiesta up for grabs. Yule the Boss has the prize of a Ford Mustang. Earn 5 playlist points for each as well.

You’ll need to be first overall in each championship after three races against minimum Highly Skilled difficulty AI drivers to claim each prize.


The Forza team haven't yet shared the details of this month's Rivals, the seasonal challenge for the Eliminator, or any other challenges for this season. We'll keep an eye out and let you know the details as we get them!

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