Forza Horizon 5 Series 3 Summer: Championships, Challenges, & More!

A new Series has arrived in Forza Horizon 5 and with it some new rewards. With Series cars as well as season cars to unlock there is plenty of reason to dive into FH5 in 2022.

Summer, the Wet Season, is the first of Series 3. Let's see what the new year brings in terms of Forza Horizon 5 challenges.

Playlist completion rewards

A new series means new series rewards! These are the Zenvo ST1 and the Ford Mustang '71. You'll earn these for 120 and 200 playlist points total respectively, through the next four weeks.

The seasonal rewards are the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Toyota Celica SS-I. These are for 25 and 45 playlist points. There's a total of 68 points up for grabs this week.

Forzathon challenges

The weekly challenge is centered around the Lexus LFA. The challenges haven't yet been revealed, but complete all four for 80 forzathon points and 5 playlist points.

fh5 lexus lfa alt
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The incredible Lexus LFA is needed for the weekly challenge

We've only seen two of the daily challenges so far, but we'll need to create and publish an Event Blueprint with Eventlab and also to rewach 140mph in any Horizon Story chapter. I'm not sure which story will be the easiest for this. Maybe the episode of Voccho where the Beetle has been set up for drag racing?

Season events

The Horizon Arcade rewards three playlist points for completing any event, as usual. The Trial, called Winner Winner this week, has the Jaguar E-Type as a reward, as well as 10 playlist points. You need enough accolades to be in the Hall of Fame to enter the Trial.

The seasonal Playground Games, entitled Soaked, gets you the Forza Link phrase "I'm the best at Games" and three playlist points. There's also the Horizon Tour co-op championship and the EventLab, Stunters Paradise, which earns you a wheelspin.

Seasonal championships

There's three great cars to win from the seasonal championships. These are the #25 Ford Bronco, the Maserati Gran Turismo S and the Mini JCW Buggy.

FH5 off to the beach 1
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The #25 Bronco is perfect for rocky terrain

Each seasonal championship earns you 5 playlist points as well as one of the aforementioned cars. You'll need to be top in the points over three races against Highly Skilled drivatars.

PR stunts

This week's PR stunts are the Colina Danger Sign, the Ringroad Speed Zone and the Desert Descent Trail Blazer. Each of these earn you a wheelspin and two playlist points. Make sure you're in a vehicle of the correct type and class! In the playlist view, you can view the car restrictions.


This week's photo challenge is #HerdingCats. Take a photo of any Jaguar at Farid Rueda's lion mural. This is in Playa Azul.

fh5 jaguar f type
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Forza Horizon 5 features some great Jaguar vehicles

Finish 30th or better in the Eliminator to earn the Spaik Sundress. There's a collectibles challenge "Lights out" where you need to smash 25 solar panels. This will be quickest at the solar farm near Mulege! Lastly, the Horizon Open challenge "I'm gonna get ya!" asks you to infect another player in Infected or Survival in the Playground Games.

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