Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Update: New cars, rewards, & more coming to FH5

February has arrived in Mexico, and with it the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update!

We already know four Chinese cars are debuting in FH5 in Series 4, but what else is in store for players? The Forza Monthly stream gave us a look at what's coming!

Forza Horizon World Cup

The Horizon World Cup is coming to Mexico in Series 4. It's all about showing support for the country's cars that you really love.

FH5 world cup
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LEAD YOUR NATION TO GLORY: Drive and earn points for the manufacturer country

Racing and winning in a car earns the country points, and the overall winning country will get an awesome in-game drop for every player!


There are a lot of crash & stability fixes as well as server updates that should improve stability for multiplayer coming with Series 4.

The online player list should be fixed and best of all if you lose your connection to Horizon Life you won't lose your skill chain!

fh5 nissan silvia drift
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BIG UPGRADES: The new series is bringing several fixes to the game

Some hardware fixes are coming too, while some AFK & Wheelspin farming loopholes are being closed.

There should be a full playlist of patch notes for Series 4 soon.

FH5 Series 4 rewards

Series 4 will have a huge amount of rewards for players over the next four weeks. The big ones are the series playlist cars, however they were not revealed in the Horizon Let's Go stream.

One thing that was revealed is that there will be more cars as Festival Playlist rewards than ever before in Series 4.


The brand new Nio EP9 is 25 points and the Hoonicorn V2 is 40 points.

FH5 S4 Summer
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The Wuling Sunshine is 25 points while the Rimac Concept 2 is 40 points.

FH5 S4 Autumn
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The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS4 '12 is 25 points, while the Jaguar XJ220 is 40 points.

FH5 S4 Winter
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The new MG MG3 is 25 points and the amazing Pagani Zonda R is yours at 40 points.

FH5 S4 Spring
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