Series 8 preview later this week!

The 4-week cycle of Series in Forza Horizon games is well-established now, but the upcoming Forza Horizon 5 Series 8 is getting some special attention.

Does that mean it will usher in major new content? Or is the Forza social team just making a chance? Let's take a look!

Series 8 showcase

Rather than the usual Let's Go stream following Forza Monthly, the Series 8 showcase will get wrapped into an extended edition of Forza Monthly.

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This should mean more information about the upcoming series, its reward cars, and new content. But it could also signal something else.

The first expansion

Forza Horizon 5 promised at least two expansion packs when it launched, with those who got the Premium Edition or bundle getting it for free while others will experience it as a DLC.

This expansion pack will "introduce a new world location, vehicles, and gameplay" according to the Xbox Store.

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With FH5 now six months old, we are expecting the first expansion to arrive soon.

However, Playground Games won't just drop it unannounced from the sky. There will be a big reveal, a publicity push, and a general fanfare before it arrives.

This could start with a big, extra special extended Forza Monthly episode...

Maybe we are letting our imagination run away with us. But with just a few weeks until June it seems like the opportune moment to give a first look at the expansion.

Forza Horizon 6 already in development?

If you missed the story this morning, a job posting from Playground Games looking for a Level Designer to join the Forza Horizon team has been spotted online.

While Forza Horizon 6 is not directly mentioned, it is unlikely this is for anything to do in FH5.

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A two-year cycle was the norm for Horizon games until the three-year gap between 4 & 5. So we shouldn't expect FH6 to land until November 2023 at the earliest.

However, bringing on talented designers for a new project would suggest it is very much in the works over at Playground Games.

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