Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt Guide

Series 9 Spring is here, which means it is time for our Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt Guide!

This week's Treasure Hunt is a bit tricky, but we've got you covered.

Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt Guide

The clue is "German sport hares are lightning fast, splitting any zone in three."

It's a bit ambiguous, but basically you need to get 3 Stars on any Speed Zone in the 1983 VW Golf GTI.

You'll need to hit the tuning shop and boost the top speed, then take on any Speed Zone with a 3 Stars of around 135 mph. We did the "Pyramid Of The Moon" zone in the middle of the map, just south of the clover leaf junction on the highway.

That popped the clue for us to follow.

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Treasure Chest Location

You can spend a lot of time driving through the jungle looking for this one. But thankfully you don't need to now that we've found it!

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The chest is located Underneath the west side of the bridge.

Series 9 Spring

What else is there to do this week in Horizon?

Well, the two Season Reward cars are absolutely epic. At 20 points you can get the Hot Wheels Metro, and at 40 points you earn the Peel Trident!

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There are six other cars you can win this week too. These are the Ford Mustang S5, Ferrari 365 GTB4, Porsche 911 GT3 '04, Ford GT70 '70, Ford Raptor '17, and the Chevy Camaro '69.

There are also three Super Wheelspins up for grabs and a Photo Challenge!

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