Forza Horizon 5 Star of Arion Treasure Hunt Guide

A new Japanese Automotive Summer Festival Playlist has arrived and with it the Star of Arion Treasure Hunt.

This week it's all about the awesome Mitsubishi Starion, but how can you get your hands on the 100 Forzathon points and crucial three Seasonal Progress points?

Let's take a look.

Star of Arion Treasure Hunt guide

The clue this week shows the lovely Mitsubishi Starion and says "Take your Starion for a ride and speed past the traffic".

Star of Arion treasure hunt clue
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This means you need to bag yourself five Near Miss accolades in your Starion. We recommend heading to the highway that runs east to west through the map and it should be simple enough.

Once you achieve this the area for the chest will pop up and you can go hunting!

Star of Arion treasure chest area
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This chest is hard to spot, but you will find it under the ramp by the big hotel on the west coast of the map.

To get to it you will need to just drop down from the ramp and hope you land on your wheels!

Star of Arion treasure chest location
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Japanese Automotive Summer

This week's Festival Playlist is full of rewards for players.

Forza Horizon 5 Japanese Automotive Summer Festival Playlist
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You can get the Nissan Z '23 (20 points) and the epic Toyota AT38 (40 points) as season rewards.

There is also the Toyota Trueno, Lancer MR '04, and Nissan GT-R '17 to be won.

Don't forget the Photo Challenge too, where you need to grab a snap at the stone lanterns in Ek' Balam!

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