Forza Horizon 5: Three cars we're surprised to see on the car list

The launch car list for Forza Horizon 5 keeps growing. Despite a few notable omissions, the huge range of vehicles available in Mexico is impressive. There are a few choices that took us by surprise though. Here's three cars we weren't expecting to see in the Horizon 5 car list.

2006 Hummer H1 Alpha

This hulking lump of metal has shown up in previous Forza Horizon games. So why the surprise? Well, General Motors seem a bit embarrassed about this brand's reputation for monstrous gas-guzzlers. They've relaunched the Hummer name recently with a new all-electric SUV. Also the Hummer brand is now in Extreme E, the racing series designed to grow climate change awareness.

fh4 hummer
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The Hummer H1 Alpha is an imposing vehicle

We weren't expecting to see this model return, as image-conscious GM try and rehabilitate Hummer for the post petrol world. It'll be great to haul this military style vehicle across the dunes of Mexico though!

2015 Infiniti Q60 concept

Luxury auto brand Infiniti were on a mission to maximise publicity for their new super saloon design. As a part of that huge campaign, the Q60 concept arrived in the world of Forza after its launch at the Detroit Motor Show.

The production vehicle ended up being very close to the concept model. But with that production model now looking itself a bit long in the tooth, it's strange to have this concept car in the game.

The one we'd really like to drive is the Infiniti Q60 Project Black S. This car was engineered in collaboration with the then Renault Sport Formula One Team who provided MGU-H and MGU-K technology as used in their Grand Prix cars.

infiniti q60 black s
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The Infiniti Q60 Project Black S was a technological showcase

With the MGU-H recovering heat energy to keep the turbocharger out of lag, this would make an amazing drift build or street racer. Make it happen, Infiniti and Playground Games!

1991 Jaguar XJR-15

This racing car for the road is one of those under-rated automotive classics. The XJR-15 was engineered in collaboration with Tom Walkinshaw and designed by industry legend Professor Peter Stevens. It was based on the Le Mans winning XJR-9 of 1988.

Its engine, a 7.0 litre V12, produces 750 horsepower and 828 newton-metres of torque for the rear wheels, incredible figures for thirty years ago! It was also the first all carbon fibre road car. But that's only part of why the XJR-15 is so beloved by car experts. Take a look at it:

jaguar xjr 15
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The Jaguar XJR-15 has a real elegance to its design

We haven't seen this car make an official appearance in any racing game since Gran Turismo 2. It'll be amazing to drive this Jag with modern game graphics and handling.

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