Forza Horizon 5 winter dry season challenges: car restrictions

Winter is here in the Mexico of Forza Horizon 5! We've looked over the festival playlist, but it can be complex to see what vehicle you need for a specific challenge. Not sure which cars you can use for which event?

Here's a quick rundown!

PR Stunts

There are as usual three PR stunts this week. Each of them is limited to a particular type of car!

Pyramid of the Moon Speed Zone is the most straightforward to check. You can be in any S2 (PI up to 998) Porsche. This means you can filter your garage for those cars by the correct manufacturer and build or download an S2 tuning if needed. There is a car which is technically a Porsche but won't count! Don't use the Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911 Turbo as this is a Hoonigan car and not a Porsche in the Horizon world.

fh5 porsche gt3
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Use a Porsche for the Pyramid of the Moon for this week's PR stunt

The other two PR stunts are based on car types. The Calle Principal Speed Trap in Guanajuato is for the Retro Muscle car type at S1 900 and the Canyon Run Trailblazer is for the Unlimited Offroad car type at A 800. You can select these if you go into the Change Car menu and press the button to filter your car list. The Jeep Trailcat might well be one of the quickest for that tricky Trailblazer.

Seasonal Championships

The Real Deal is for C 600 cars that are "reasonably priced" and so the eligible cars all cost 25,000 credits at most in the autoshow. You'll need to go into the festival playlist menu and press "View eligible cars" to double check your preferred wheels are included! You can win the Pagani Huayra BC, so make sure to give this one a go! I fancy using the VW Corrado here for some Horizon nostalgia but the Nissan Pulsar may be one of the quicker cars, with its stock AWD.

fh5 pagani huayra bc
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This is not a reasonably priced car, but the prize for The Real Deal championship!

Similarly the No Expense Spared championship has custom eligibility. The choices are all Retro Supercars, Hypercars or Classic Racers and all cost at least 2 million credits.

Lastly, the Midnight Battle championship is open to the Super Hot Hatch car type. There's only three eligible cars, so I might as well list all of them. They are the 2013 Mercedes A 45 AMG, the 2018 Honda Civic Type R, and the 2017 Ford Focus RS. My pick? I'll be using the Focus, which is a nicely nimble piece of kit.

Other events

The Trial has custom eligibility this week, so you'll need to check the festival playlist as above. It's an odd range of cars, including the 1956 D-Type Jaguar but also that Pagani we'll earn from the seasonal championships. Make sure you've tested your tuning before entering the Trial!

The Eventlab called Domination Mode is restricted to cars from the USA. This gives you a huge choice of cars to play with, but it looks like you'll need a combination of straight line speed and also agility for this event. I'll probably give it a go in the Hoonigan Cossie.

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