Forza Motorsport: What we want in the new game - Wishlist, features, cars, tracks & more

The Xbox Series X has hit shelves worldwide, and we're ready for a new Forza game.

With updated hardware that is sure to wow us, we can't wait to see what Turn 10 makes.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the features we would like to see in the new game and why!

We want Fujimi Kaido… And we want it now!

This track is known amongst Forza players as one of the standout tracks from the beginning of the Forza Motorsport franchise.

Forza Fujimi Kaido
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ICONIC: This track has been in the franchise for years

Its absence in recent iterations has left somewhat of a bitter taste in Forza fans’ mouths.

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A return of the track is a big ask from us at, and one that we hope Turn 10 listens to!

Can the online races be just a tad longer?

Online competition in Forza Motorsport typically lasts 5 to 6 minutes.

Forza Motorsport Online
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MULTIPLAYER: The races are famed for being too short on Forza Motorsport games

However, we believe it’s time for Turn 10 to do the right thing, and let us opt for longer races.

No longer do I want to end up in the barrier at turn 1 as the entire lobby rushes to gain positions, I feel like we’re owed a true, competitive online racing experience, right?

Now… Time for a license?

Gran Turismo has long been known for its licensing process, which helps with game progress and more.

Forza Motorsport 4K
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VISUALS: Regardless of features, the game will be stunning

By introducing a similar system in Forza Motorsport, players could learn more about how to race the cars they adore.

It would also go some way to cleaning up those Turn 1 pileups we mentioned earlier…

An updated tuning section

With the tuning section now largely unchanged for a number of years, we hope that the arrival of the Xbox Series X will enable Turn 10 to integrate a more in-depth tuning shop in Forza Motorsport.

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Whilst the tuning has been incredibly intuitive, we hope Turn 10 take advantage of the Series X's hardware!

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